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I love cities, architecture and adventure. I actually have multiple residences — one in Athens, Greece, and one in Bangkok Thailand. I spend most of my time enjoying city life and traveling.

Travel connects you with things you didn’t even know about yourself; it’s one of the healthiest things I have ever done for myself.

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Former airline employee for the largest carrier in the world, so I know every travel hack you can think of.

I feel transitions are important, if all the “in betweens” aren’t handled, the trip can end up horrible. I think from start to finish a trip should be enjoyable.

I can change the way you travel forever, just with little suggestions, like the timing of your flights, a layover when you wouldn’t think of having one, airport lounge suggestions and even reminding you of your travel perks depending on what credit card you book with.

Details matter!

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man in red sneakers crouching in a sandy desert

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Thomas Brown