Where to Stay in Paros, Greece’s Most Under-the-Radar Island

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You might not find Paros on every list of the best places to stay in Greece, but this authentic Mediterranean escape is certainly deserving of the honor. Still, with so many scenic beaches and charming villages, figuring out where to stay in Paros, Greece can be a little tough without pro guidance.

Translation: let us help you. We’ll not only help you figure out where to stay in Paros, but we’ll also score you awesome hotel perks at no extra cost. Plus, we can answer all your travel questions and hook you up with expert recommendations along the way.

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In the meantime, read on for the best areas to stay in Paros, Greece.

Where to stay in Paros: the most exciting (or relaxing) areas & cities

Paros is a fantastic choice for where to go in Greece for first-timers, especially if you want an authentic Greece experience.

The island offers a charming and picturesque atmosphere with beautiful beaches, traditional villages and a vibrant local culture. Paros is one of the best Greek islands for families and favored by travelers looking for a quieter alternative to the more famous islands.

So where should you stay in Paros? Here are a few of our favorites.

1.  Naoussa: where to stay in Paros for a relaxed vibe & watersports

Naoussa is a small fishing town in Paros’ northeast with an authentically chill vibe. The town sits along the southern coast of the Gulf of Naoussa, with a diverse and gorgeous range of beaches extending in either direction. 

The variety makes Naoussa a great place to visit whether you’re keen on a relaxing swim or an adrenaline-fueled water adventure in the Mediterranean. Plus, the protection of the gulf means the waves typically aren’t too rigorous for younger travelers.

The town also hosts a plethora of small boutiques, Greek tavernas and wine bars.

One of our favorite boutique hotels in Greece, Cosme, is also within walking distance of Naoussa. During our recent FAM trip to Greece, our advisors stayed here and loved it. Cosme’s design feels right at home among the island architecture, and the boutique style makes it an intimate choice for couples. 

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2. Parikia: Paros’ most cosmopolitan town

The capital of Paros, Parikia offers a charming blend of traditional and modern elements, making it a delightful place to stay on the island. Most notably, its picturesque waterfront invites leisurely strolls and authentic local dining experiences. 

Parikia also boasts historical landmarks like the iconic Panagia Ekatontapiliani — or Church of 100 Doors — along with a local market, lively tavernas and a thriving nightlife scene (see our Greek nightlife guide), all of which offer plenty of variety for travelers wanting a diverse experience.

If you want a fun experience with a similar diversity, check out our guide on where to stay in Crete, one of the most popular Greek islands.

3. Lefkes & Chrissi Atki (aka Golden Beach): where to stay in Paros for architecture & nature

Lefkes stands out from Naoussa and Parikia with its distinct Cycladic architecture, narrow stone-paved streets and tranquil atmosphere. In fact, the feel here is decidedly less busy than the other two towns, even for an island known for its laid-back experience — at least compared to popular islands like Crete and Santorini (BTW: check out the coolest places to stay in Santorini).

Moreover, Lefkes’ position on Paros makes it a convenient choice for travelers ready for an adventure. The nearby mountains offer plenty of hiking trails and scenery, especially in spring.

It should be noted, however, that Lefkes isn’t the best choice for travelers who want to wake up to waterfront views, as it’s Paros’ most inland town. But given the island’s small size, the nearest beach — the popular Chrissi Atki (or Golden Beach) — is only about 10–15 minutes away from Lefkes.

That said, if you’re only interested in visiting Lefkes, the nearby Summer Senses Luxury Resort — one of the best Greek resorts for couples — is just south of Chrissi Atki and comes highly recommended by Fora Advisors. The resort has a contemporary luxury vibe, and the beach views are incredible.

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Bonus — Antiparos: Paros’ low-key sister island

Antiparos doesn’t get the same kind of attention as Paros, but it’s every bit as worthy a destination. The overall atmosphere is even more relaxed than its sister island, even in peak season. But there’s still plenty to do here, whether it’s taking in the Mediterranean scenery, hiking through the hills or sightseeing in the main town (also known as Antiparos).

“Antiparos is an up-and-coming island just seven minutes by boat from the more popular Paros,” says advanced Fora Advisor Artemis Koutsogiorgas. “Several celebrities have homes here, as it's less touristy than Mykonos or Paros. But it’s still a luxurious island. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants and amazing nightlife for those that still want that experience.”

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Pro tip: many Fora Advisors recommend staying on Paros for more luxurious accommodations, then taking a day trip to the smaller island. However, if you’re wondering where to stay on Antiparos, Kameo is a lovely option on the island’s northern coast.

Need help deciding where to stay in Paros? Let Fora help

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