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The 5 Best Greek Islands for Families: Destinations & Resorts

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The Greek Isles are awesome for family adventures. From picturesque Mediterranean beaches to quaint fishing villages, there’s no shortage of beautiful, fun and relaxing sights. But what are the best Greek islands for families? 

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The 5 best Greek islands for families

From Santorini to Paros, here are the best Greek islands for kids and families. 

1. Santorini: the best Greek island for a family’s first time in the Mediterranean

Santorini, one of the best places to stay in Greece, boasts gorgeous caldera views and whitewashed, cliffside buildings that create an authentic and engaging atmosphere. Families can enjoy exploring the island together, taking in the breathtaking vistas. 

Santorini’s magical sunsets are especially eye-catching — and one of the reasons the island is also one of the best Greek islands for couples’ trips. The island’s many hiking trails, boat charters and the tiny town of Fira (according to our advisors) offer the best views. 

After dark, the nightlife in Santorini is quite lively, though it’s not as diverse or risqué as the nightlife in Mykonos (the Greece nightlife capital). It’s a win-win for excitement-driven teens and cautious parents. If it’s your family’s first time in the Mediterranean, Santorini might just be the best Greek island for you.

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2. Crete: the best Greek island for kid-friendly fun & variety

Crete is also a good candidate if you’re wondering where to go in Greece for the first time. Aside from the island’s ample opportunities for outdoorsy adventures, there are a few waterparks amidst the scenic backdrop younger kids may enjoy. 

Crete is also one of the best Greek islands for families interested in local culture and history. In addition to its rich Cretan identity, the island is home to many ruins spanning thousands of years and more than a few different civilizations, from the ancient Greeks to the Ottomans and beyond.

Plus, as Greece’s largest island, there’s something here for everyone.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Crete with children, Pro Fora Advisor Nadia Bess recommends the Amirandes Resort. Nadia describes the resort as overtly family friendly, with plenty of things for kids to do. She also highlighted the resort’s excellent cuisine, its convenient proximity to the Heraklion airport and more.

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3. Corfu: the best Greek island for families seeking aquatic adventures 

One of the more unique places to visit in Greece, the Greek island of Corfu is a fantastic choice for adventurous families. The island’s calm, sapphire-blue beaches are fantastic for snorkeling, kayaking and exploring. Plus, adventure parks and museums like the Corfu Aquarium offer excitement for kids who might be too young to enjoy the rugged terrain. 

Boat tours around the island will take you to gorgeous hidden beaches, rocky caves and more, too.

Best of all, locals on the island have garnered a reputation for being overtly welcoming and kind, adding to the family-friendly experience. Plus, Corfu’s unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine makes for an excellent gastronomic adventure.

4. Paros: the best Greek island for families seeking quiet cultural immersion

Paros’ is one of the best Greek islands for families because of its boutique feel and bountiful opportunities for cultural immersion. Fora Advisors who’ve visited the island also say Paros is one of the best places to stay in Greece if you’re looking for authenticity. 

The food is wonderful, the scenery is gorgeous and there’s plenty to do — whether you simply want to relax on the beach, explore the island’s small towns or take a boat trip to Antiparos to check out the caves.

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5. Naxos: the best Greek island for families that want to relax

Naxos might not be the first destination to pop up when you’re planning a trip to Greece, but it’s no less intriguing than any of the other best Greek islands for families. Like all the Greek Isles, Naxos is stunningly beautiful — but it’s also much less crowded than more popular islands like Santorini or Crete, making it a great choice for families who simply want to kick back and enjoy the scenery. 

Naxos also has a delightful foodie scene. Here, you can sample delicious honeys, cheeses and wines — all of which are grown locally.

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This list includes only a few of the best Greek islands for families. Your Fora Advisor will provide personalized insights on which islands will be the best for your family to visit. In the meantime, for a bit of travel inspiration, check our guides to where to stay in Milos and the best resorts in Greece for couples.  

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