Fora Advisors Take the Aegean: A Recap of Fora’s FAM Trip to Greece

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    If you’ve been craving your Mamma Mia moment, consider this your sign. Fora just lived out our own Aegean fantasies on our most recent familiarization — or FAM — trip. The destination? Greece.

    FAM trips are special opportunities offered to our pro advisors. On these trips, Fora HQ members and advisors take a deep dive into a destination. (Read more about our FAM trips to Mexico and Nicaragua.) They explore different neighborhoods, landmarks, historical sites, restaurants, museums and — perhaps most importantly — hotels. 

    Such first-hand experiences allow advisors to get a better idea of a particular destination, and the accommodation options available there. This insider knowledge then allows advisors to better tailor itineraries and recommendations to their clients. Everybody wins!

    For our Greece FAM, Fora partnered with Original Senses, a women-owned Greek destination management company, or DMC. (Learn more about why advisors love DMCs.) Think of a DMC as on-the-ground support with alllll the local connections. They take care of the logistics so you can focus on the fun stuff. And when you only have six days to visit five islands and 21 hotels (!), like we did, their support is invaluable. 

    Our trip began in the birthplace of democracy: Athens. We toured the Acropolis (a must), dined on Greek food sourced from local producers (to die for) and visited the ancient city’s top hotels, from elegant grande-dames to hot new boutiques (so dreamy). 

    Then, off to Santorini. The island is a caldera rim, the remnant of several ancient volcanic eruptions — it’s believed to be the basis of the myth of Atlantis. Today, it’s an Aegean hotspot dotted with those famous blue-domed, white-washed buildings. Space here is tight, but the best hotels make creative use of their unique setting. From cliffside oases to relatively  remote (although on Santorini, everything’s close) escapes, all the hotels we saw boasted sleek design, top-tier gastronomy and a breezy vibe that mirrored the island’s unhurried way of life. 

    It’s also worth exploring Thirassia, a small island about a 30-minute boat ride from Santorini. Thirassia is less developed than the busier Santorini, and that’s part of its charm. Here, we biked, hiked and indulged in some more stellar food (a theme throughout the entire trip).

    Next we hopped on a private speedboat headed for Paros. (So much to see, so little time.) Paros is smaller and less touristy than some of the other Greek islands. And that’s why we love it. Plus, it’s got some serious hotel: think dreamy, luxury boutique hotels that are *chef’s kiss.*

    Our Aegean getaway concluded on Mykonos. While the island is famous for its nightlife, Mykonos still has an impressive collection of tranquil escapes and hidden gems. Although, if you’re craving some high-energy vibes (we don’t blame you!), a slew of party-friendly luxury hotels more than delivers. Still, we were excited to discover a few special spots that were blissfully removed (but not by too much) from Mykonos’ busier locales.

    The range of places we saw is a huge part of what makes FAM trips so valuable. In travel, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s where Fora comes in. Consider us the ultimate hotel (and experience!) matchmaker. We make sure that every activity and hotel aligns with your preferences. 

    For instance, Mykonos, unsurprisingly, garners a lot of buzz, but if you’re not looking for a party scene, perhaps the slower-paced Paros is more your speed. Another helpful insider tip: Mykonos is fantastic for high-end, brand-name shopping, whereas Paros is ideal for local boutique shops. The point is that both islands are amazing (we’re dying to go back!), but they’re also very different. Our FAM trips allow us to collect firsthand experiences so we can cater our travel recommendations to your style, ensuring you get the most out of your trip.

    Needless to say, Greece is hot (literally and figuratively) right about now. It’s usually all booked up. But luckily for us, many of the places we visited have much-coveted late-summer availability. There’s no better time to book. Connect with Fora to plan and book your Aegean escape today.

    Or, if our workcations sound up your alley, apply to become a Fora Advisor and transform your passion for travel into a dream job today.


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