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Virgin Voyages Adults-Only Cruises Are Amazing. Here’s Why.

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Image courtesy of Virgin Voyages

What’s so special about a Virgin Voyages adults-only cruise beyond the fresh experience it offers? Top-notch amenities, stellar service and great food are only a few reasons why we’re obsessed with Virgin Voyages — but there are a lot more.

As cruise experts, we’re here to answer all your questions on Virgin Voyages. Book your Virgin cruise with Fora and you’ll unlock personalized support and recommendations, plus access to great amenities and perks — all at the same price as booking on your own.

Read on for our full Virgin adults-only cruise guide. Then, connect with Fora to book your Virgin Voyages adults-only cruise.

What makes Virgin Voyages adults only? Are all Virgin Voyages adults only? 

Image courtesy of Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is the only major cruise line that is exclusively for adults. You have to be at least 18 to embark on a Virgin cruise. 

And yes, all Virgin Voyages (including off-ship excursions) are adults only. 

No kids? Does that mean Virgin Voyages’ adults-only cruises are boring? 

“Boring” isn’t a word in Virgin Voyages’ vocabulary. But Virgin adult-only cruises do make a lot of changes to the typical cruise ship formula (for the better). 

Unlike ordinary cruises that devote a significant amount of deck space to kid-friendly playrooms and amenities, Virgin Voyages dedicates all its space to adults. So while the deck pool may be a little more basic, it also means there aren’t screaming children fighting to be next on the waterslide. 

Better yet, all that space normally reserved for kiddos has been put toward luxe amenities: a sumptuous spa, a top-tier gym, a wrap-around running track, a yoga pavilion… A Virgin adult-only cruise is a non-stop party where you don’t have to worry about little ones overhearing adult conversations.  

In other words: Virgin Voyages’ adults-only cruises are perfect for parents who want a weekend escape.

Can 18-year-olds drink on Virgin adult-only cruises?

While 18+ Sailors (what Virgin Voyages passengers are called) can enjoy alcoholic beverages at sea, they are not allowed to bring alcohol aboard ships departing from the United States.

If you’re confused, connect with Fora. We've got you.

We heard a rumor: Is Virgin Voyages a sex cruise?

The short answer is no. The longer answer: you do you

You may encounter a “what-happens-on-a-Virgin-Voyages-adults-only-cruise-stays-at-sea” vibe, but you can also rest easily knowing the vibe is exceptionally safe, friendly and fun.

Are Virgin Voyages ships old or new?

Virgin Voyages launched during the pandemic, so all their ships, including the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady, are brand new — a refreshing experience compared to many other cruise line’s aging fleets.

How do I decide what Virgin Voyages cruise is right for me?

We recommend starting with the list of destinations and departure points (like Miami in the US) and each cruise itinerary’s length. Some options run through the weekend, while others are a bit longer. 

Plan your Virgin adults-only cruise with Fora and your advisor can be a great resource for narrowing down your options.

7 things that make Virgin Voyages adults-only cruises different

Fora co-founder Henley Vazquez with advisors on our Virgin Voyages FAM

During our Virgin Voyages FAM trip, we got to experience the excitement firsthand. Here are all the things that felt different from other cruises.

1. A kids-free getaway at sea doesn’t mean adults aren’t encouraged to be playful

From whimsical cocktails, like an Old Fashioned served in a popcorn bucket, to tablet-controlled cabins — including neon light presets like “Zen,” “hungover” and “get it on” — Virgin Voyages adults-only cruises are far from somber, and the brand never takes itself too seriously. 

These cruises are a blast, with tons of playful touches spread throughout. Entertainment is participatory, too. For example, at Gunbae, the Korean BBQ restaurant onboard the Scarlet Lady, your waiter will teach you games during dinner. 

The overall vibe feels very much like a wedding party at sea (in the best way). Don’t be surprised if you end up dancing in the pool by the end of the night.

Pro tip: shake your cruise app (which is used for just about everything) anywhere on the ship and Champagne will be delivered to you. 

2. Guests receive a wearable instead of a key card

In line with Virgin Voyages’ commitment to using technology in innovative and fun ways, guests are given a wearable band instead of easy-to-lose keycards. We found the experience to be exceptionally convenient, especially since the band doubles as your credit card (it’s linked to your room and you can track bills and receipts on the shipboard app).

After our own experience, we joked that we missed the convenience of our wristbands (they definitely make splitting checks at a restaurant way easier). 

3. Travelers can get a tattoo at sea

There’s no other cruise line where you can live out your old-timey sailor dreams by getting a (real) tattoo at sea. Virgin Voyages partnered with World Famous Tattoo Ink to create Squid Ink, the first and only shipboard tattoo parlor.

4. Virgin Voyages adult cruises place an emphasis on wellness (without sacrificing fun)

Virgin Voyages’ adults-only cruises are much more than party boats — not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

Wellness is a focus on Virgin ships, and you’ll find plenty of related amenities that you typically won’t find on other cruise ships, like free yoga sessions, aerobics classes and more. But don’t worry, no one’s expecting you to compete in the Olympics — this is all for fun. 

The ship’s menu also includes plenty of diet-friendly options. And speaking of…

5. There’s no buffet-style dining — Virgin Voyages is all about an elevated & restaurant-style dining culture

If you’re looking for great food-inspired travel, Virgin adult-only cruises may be an underrated option. 

Most cruise lines include buffet-style meals in the ticket price, plus an upcharge for “specialty dining” options. It’s not a bad system, but it may leave a little to be desired for travelers hoping to indulge in elevated dining without having to spend more.

Virgin Voyages, however, goes all in on restaurant-style dining options. You won’t find any buffet dining halls on the Scarlet Lady or her sister ships, but you will find 20+ eateries with cuisine from all corners of the globe. Most offer table service (with a server, menus — the whole nine yards), but there are also single-serve and self-serve options (think pizza to go or premade sandwiches and snacks)

Vegetarians and those with gluten allergies will also be happy to know that Virgin Voyages is very accommodating here, as well. 

Best of all: all the food is included in Virgin’s ticket price.

6. The rooms are exceptionally posh & spacious

Virgin Voyages’ rooms are well designed in terms of convenience and style. Even standard rooms sport a fun theme with plenty of cool gadgets, like remote-controlled curtains, thermostats and neon lights. 

Terrace rooms are especially cool — they’re equipped with hammocks and gorgeous ocean views — but the RockStar Quarters are the crème de la crème of cabins on Virgin Voyages adults-only cruises. There are a few different styles available, including the Massive Suite, which features a private outdoor hot tub and terrace, a spacious lounge area and a music room stocked with guitars (because why not). 

Guests who stay in RockStar Quarters also earn special perks, like access to the private sundeck and round-the-clock concierge service.

7. Virgin Voyages adult cruises’ nightlife and entertainment are top notch (from an onboard casino to a cruise-ship arcade, they’ve got it all)

Entertainment on a Virgin Voyages adults-only cruise is in a class of its own, with themed nights, nonstop parties and an awesome array of attractions. 

While you’ll still find some familiar cruise-ship tropes, like an onboard casino and a slate of exciting shows, Virgin has made a concerted effort to distinguish itself with interactive performances and spaces created by world-class directors, choreographers and producers. 

There's something for everyone, from Bingo-With-a-Twist to UNTITLED DANCESHOW PARTYTHING (ask your Fora Advisor) as well as live music acts throughout the ship at all hours.

Virgin Voyages is great for solo travel, group travel & everything in between 

Ultimately, a Virgin Voyages adults-only cruise is an exceptional experience for all types of travelers, especially the young at heart. The whole experience is reminiscent of the best of Las Vegas (check out the coolest hotels in Vegas), but in a concentrated, ocean-bound package.

That goes whether you’re embarking with a group or on your own. In fact, on the first night, there’s a solo traveler meet-up so you can connect with other solo adventurers. 

Book your Virgin Voyages adults-only cruise with Fora to unlock exciting extras

Want to get more out of your Virgin Voyages adults-only cruise? Eager for intel on the best cabins, shows or eateries? 

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As always, when it comes to travel, Fora has your back.

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