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The Best Time to Visit Utah: Full Guide

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When’s the best time to visit Utah? There’s no one answer, and the reason you're traveling to the Beehive State will play a big role in determining the best time to go to Utah for you.

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When are the best months to visit Utah?

From cool temperatures in spring and fall to snowy winters and scorching summers, each season presents a great time to visit Utah for something

Spring: the best time to visit Utah for outdoor activities like hiking

Utah can still be quite frigid in early spring, and cold rain is common in March. But for many, the best months to visit Utah run from mid-April to June. The weather during this period is usually warm and comfortable, perfect for outdoorsy adventures in Utah’s state and national parks. 

April also happens to be peak blooming season, which provides a scenic backdrop of wildflowers for any romantic getaway in Utah. And as temperate as most of Utah is during this period, there are still places in Utah where you can ski or snowboard in the springtime (see our guide to Utah's best spring ski towns).

Check out fun places to go in Utah during spring, as well as the top resorts in Utah for families, couples and more.

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Summer: Utah’s best months for water sports and urban exploration

Late June and September still offer a fantastic opportunity to explore Utah’s outdoors, as temperatures are generally still comfortable. This is also when Utah’s top urban destinations, like Park City and Salt Lake City, are at their liveliest.

It’s also worth noting that unless you’re a highly experienced hiker in good shape, it’s inadvisable to visit Utah’s national and state parks in August when temperatures regularly soar above 100℉.

Fall: the best time to visit Utah’s national parks

It’s not a coincidence that many of the best places to stay in Utah are near the state’s storied national parks — and the fall months are the best time to see them.

Whether you want to go on an adventure in Zion National Park or hike in Bryce Canyon, the weather is usually mild and the landscapes are at their most breathtaking during this time of year. Fall brings a color change to Utah’s foliage, a common phenomenon throughout the rest of the world, but accentuated here in Utah’s pristine forests and canyons.

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Winter: the best time to go to Utah for skiing and snow sports

Winter in Utah can be harsh, but that also makes it an awesome destination for snow sports. 

The best time of the year to visit Utah for skiing, snowboarding and hiking in places like Park City runs from late December through January. February and early March see Utah’s coldest temperatures and largest snowstorms (or rainstorms in lower elevations), so travel to Utah generally dips during these months.

Major urban areas like Salt Lake City are also fun to visit in winter (check out our Salt Lake City itinerary), particularly in December, when the city’s holiday lights are turned on.

For most, the best time of the year to visit Utah is either spring or fall

Most people who visit Utah want to see the state’s national parks and monuments, so spring and fall tend to be the overall best times to visit Utah. You’re unlikely to face weather-related obstacles (flight delays, closed roads, etc.) during these periods, and much of the state is open to travelers.

Don’t forget: if you are going to the parks, a Utah travel advisor can help you book the best places to stay in Moab, near Arches National Park, as well as the best places to stay in Park City, near Mt. Baldy, a popular hiking destination for locals. (Looking to explore more of Park City? Check out Fora's Park City travel guide.)

Is there a worst time to visit Utah? Not exactly, but some months have adverse weather

Utah’s coldest and hottest months can present serious hazards for travelers not used to such temperature extremes.

What’s the hottest month in Utah?

August probably isn’t the best month for a family adventure in Moab, Utah. Temperatures throughout much of state regularly soar above 100℉, and the dry heat can be especially uncomfortable for the unprepared.

What are the coldest months in Utah? What month gets the most snow in Utah?

January and February are Utah’s coldest months, but the latter sees the most snowfall. Travel delays are also common, so unless you’re visiting for snow sports, these aren’t the best months to visit Utah.

What’s the rainiest month in Utah? What is the rainy season in Utah like?

March is Utah’s rainiest month, but April still sees a lot of rain. Hiking in these conditions can be dangerous, and significant portions of park land can become unreachable due to heavy runoff.

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