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The Top 4 Weekend Getaways in Utah: Cities + National Parks

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Looking for an adventure in the American Southwest? The top four weekend getaways in Utah will satisfy that urge for exploration, from magical national parks to delightful small towns and more.

And there’s no better way to plan your travel to Utah than with a Fora Advisor. From VIP hotel perks and upgrades to expert travel recommendations, advisors offer unparalleled assistance when it comes to finding the top weekend getaways in Utah for couples, families and more — all for what you’d pay booking alone.

The best weekend getaways in Utah for couples, families & more

Utah is a gorgeous state with a variety of picturesque landscapes. There’s something here for everyone, but especially those who love the outdoors. 

If you’re specifically looking for couples’ trips, check out our guide to the most romantic Utah getaways.

1. Utah’s National Parks: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef & more

National Parks top the list of fun places to go in Utah. From hiking in Zion National Park to encountering fossils in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah’s national parks are among the most visited in the United States. 

It’s hard to find a better activity for a weekend getaway in Utah than trekking through some of the country’s most unique and gorgeous landscapes. Just know that spring and fall are the best times to visit Utah to explore the parks, as the extreme heat in summer and heavy snowfalls in winter make these rugged landscapes treacherous to traverse.

Check in with a Fora travel advisor to learn about the best places to stay for convenient access to the parks, like Amangiri (see our Amangiri itinerary) or Sorrel Ranch.

2. Salt Lake City: the best weekend getaway in Utah for low-key urban adventures

Salt Lake City is Utah’s largest city, but it’s fairly small when compared to the maze of highrises and people you’ll encounter when you travel to Los Angeles or New York. But this only makes it all the more charming.

There’s plenty to eat, drink and explore in Salt Lake City (just see our Salt Lake City itinerary), making it a great destination for a weekend getaway in Utah — for couples or anyone else looking for a low-key, but eventful vacation.

The best place to stay in Salt Lake City: Kimpton Hotel Monaco

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City is located downtown, near many of the city’s top attractions, like Capitol Theater. This four-star resort offers all the amenities you would expect from a luxurious resort in Utah, from swanky decor to spacious rooms and suites.

3. Park City: the top spot in Utah for a weekend getaway for snow sports

Less than an hour southeast of Salt Lake City you’ll find one of the best ski towns in the United States: Park City. This resort town mostly caters to the snow sports community (check out our Park City winter itinerary), but hiking and even film enthusiasts have reason for a weekend getaway here (Park City hosts the Sundance Film Festival). 

The best hotels to stay at in Park City: Stein Eriksen Lodge, Waldorf Astoria & more

All but a handful of the top boutique hotels in Utah are found in Park City, with resorts like Stein Eriksen Lodge and the Waldorf Astoria being among the most notable.

Don’t forget: a Fora Advisor can help you find the best places to stay in Park City, whether that means a Utah resort for families, couples or something else entirely. Advisors can also help you find great destinations outside of Utah, like the most unique places to stay in Colorado.

4. Moab: the best place in Utah for exploring the desert

Moab, a well-known pitstop in proximity to both Arches and Canyonland National Park, is one of the best places to stay in Utah, bar none.  And finding adventure in Moab itself is hardly difficult, either.

The best places to stay in Moab: Sorrel River Ranch & Hoodoo Moab

The two best places to stay in Moab, Utah are the Sorrel River Ranch and Hoodoo Moab. 

The Hoodoo is a classic luxury resort that offers a comfy base camp for exploring the desert, while the Sorrel Ranch is one of the most unique places to stay in Utah. Here, you can enjoy river excursions on the Sorrel, relax in rustic cabins or go horseback riding through the resort’s massive acreage. 

Plan your weekend getaway in Utah with a Fora travel advisor

Make your weekend getaway in Utah an unparalleled experience by booking with a Fora Advisor. They’ll help customize your trip to your exact preferences, build an amazing itinerary and supply  insider hotel perks. Whether you’re looking for weekend getaways in Utah for couples, kids or just yourself, know that booking with Fora is always the way to go.


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