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Fun Places to Go in Utah: Landmarks, Hidden Gems & More

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There are a lot of fun places to go in Utah, from instantly recognizable landmarks to hidden gems. Even a quick vacation to Utah can’t escape the state’s incredible scenery and opportunities for adventure. 

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8 of the most unique & fun places to go in Utah

Any worthy adventure in the American Southwest is incomplete without touching down on the most fun places to go in Utah. From awe-inspiring national parks to charming cities, here are the most famous landmarks in Utah as well as some of the state’s most unique places to visit.

The most famous Utah landmarks: its state and national parks

Weekend getaways in Utah are synonymous with excursions into Utah’s national and state parks. There’s an abundance of gorgeous scenery to discover here, whether you’re hiking through Zion National Park or canyoning through Arches.

Just remember: before booking, chat with a Fora travel advisor to learn the best times to visit Utah’s parks.

1. Get off the beaten path in Utah at Zion National Park

Words don’t capture the beauty of Zion National Park. Here, lush valleys ripple through colorful canyons to the tune of pleasant streams and wild birds. Zion was once a checkpoint for pioneers heading west, and the site was home to many Native American tribes for tens of thousands of years. 

A window into the past and a natural refuge in the present — of all the fun places to go in Utah, Zion may be the most unskippable.

2. A (prehistoric) hidden gem in Utah: Dinosaur National Monument

No other hidden gem in Utah allows visitors to encounter dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna. Throughout Dinosaur National Monument, guests can find a variety of fossils embedded in the canyon walls as well as petroglyphs created by ancient cultures.

3. Bryce Canyon National Park: unique rock formations

Another famous landmark in Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park has the largest concentration of hoodoos, or irregular rock formations, in the world. In every corner, you’ll find bizarre columns and seemingly impossible pillars of rock jutting out of high plateaus.

Bryce Canyon is also only a few minutes outside of Moab, one of the more unique places to stay in Utah.

4. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park: an off-roading paradise

Lost in the shuffle of Utah’s national parks are its equally impressive local parks. Coral Pink Sand Dunes features shifting pink and red sands and canyons, along with dedicated areas for off-roading and hiking tours.

About halfway between Zion and Big Water, where you’ll find the Amangiri resort (check out our Amangiri itinerary), Coral Pink Sand Dunes is a beautiful pitstop and one of the most unique places to visit in Utah. It’s one of Utah’s best hidden gems.

5. Arches National Park: an instantly recognizable Utah landmark

While the park’s name may be unfamiliar, Arches National Park is easily recognizable due to the rock features that give it its name. 

There’s no lack of adventure here: hiking, biking and horseback riding are just a few of the attractions worth exploring at Arches.

Fun places to go in Utah: charming towns and cities

While exploring the incredible outdoors tops many would-be traveler's Utah bucket lists, the state is also home to charming towns and cities, some of the best places to stay in Utah in their own right.

Don’t forget: book your Utah travel with a Fora Advisor and score exciting hotel perks and upgrades, not to mention endless travel tips (like where to find more of Utah’s hidden gems).

6. Park City: a top ski destination in the USA

Park City is widely regarded as one of the best ski towns in the United States, and perfect for a romantic Utah getaway

From late fall to early spring — except for February, when the snowfalls are too harsh — travelers can enjoy the slopes, then retreat to a five-star ski resort to get warm and cozy (chat with an advisor for the best places to stay in Park City, and see our Park City winter itinerary for things to do). Then in warmer months, visitors can trek through the stunning Wasatch Mountains.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path in Utah, you may be surprised to learn that there are truly tons of hidden gems in and around Park City.

7. Salt Lake City: charming urban sprawl with a small-town feel

Salt Lake City offers a very different urban experience from other American cities. Only about 200,000 people live in the downtown area, making it one of the smallest major cities in the United States. This, coupled with wide streets, gives the city a small-town vibe despite its highrises. And there’s plenty to eat, drink and explore in Salt Lake City, too.

Our Salt Lake City itinerary covers the fun places to go in Utah’s capital. A Fora travel advisor can help you book the best places to stay, including some of the top boutique hotels in Utah.

While it might not be a famous Utah landmark in its own right, Salt Lake City is packed with some of Utah’s most unique places to visit. Connect with a Fora travel advisor for more info.

8. Embark on a family adventure in Moab

Moab is a small town between Arches and Bryce Canyon. It’s become a popular stop for travelers visiting all the famous Utah landmarks (check out the best places to stay in Moab for more), but there’s plenty of adventure in Moab itself, too. 

Here, you can explore paleontology sites, rappel down waterfalls, check out the local shops selling Moab-made goods and more.

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