Planning a Trip to Greece? Here are Some Things to Know

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Oia, Greece

Whether it’s deciding which boutique hotels in Athens fit your travel style or figuring out where to stay in Milos for prime beach access, planning a trip to Greece is a lot easier when you have the backing of an expert travel advisor. 

When you book your trip to Greece with Fora, your travel advisor — aka Fora Advisor — can score you awesome hotel perks at the best hotels in Greece (at no extra cost) while answering all your travel questions. 

Want to know the best place to stay in Greece for authentic gyros or to see ancient ruins? No problem. Eager to kite surf on Crete? Or wondering where to stay in Crete? Your advisor can help there, too.

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But for a little travel inspiration, here are a few tips for planning a trip to Greece.

5 tips & basic facts for planning a trip to Greece

Milos, Greece

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to plan a trip to Greece, here are some helpful tips. 

1. Passports are required, but only some travelers need a visa

As with any country, you’ll need a valid passport to enter Greece. However, you’ll only need a travel visa if you’re planning on staying in Greece for more than 90 days. Beyond that, a Fora Advisor can help you figure out any special requirements.

2. Greece uses the Euro, and you’ll need cash if you’re leaving urban areas

The Euro is Greece’s official currency. If you’re coming from the US, you likely won’t have to worry about exchange rates in urban areas because most places take card payments. However, if you’re planning on visiting some of the less developed islands or a more rural region, you’ll want to bring cash with you.

3. How to get to (and around) Greece: flights, ferries, cruises, trains…

Most flights to Greece land in Athens, the capital. From there, travelers have a few options depending on where they’re going. Domestic flights and ferry boats can bring you to most Greek islands, like Paros, one of our favorites. (Read more about where to stay in Paros, Greece.) But if you’re visiting another destination on the mainland, like Thessaloniki, it might make more sense to rent a car or take a train. Your Fora Advisor can help you figure out all the logistics.

On another note, there are a ton of awesome cruises that will take you to the Greek Isles. And before you ask, yes, you can book a cruise with Fora, too.

4. Many people speak English in Greece, but it might be helpful to learn some Greek phrases

Greek is, of course, the most widely spoken language in Greece. But English and many other European languages are also spoken, especially in the big cities and places like Mykonos, the Greece nightlife capital.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few basic Greek phrases, and a translator app can be helpful, too.

5. Greece is LGBTQ+ friendly

Greece is largely LGBTQ+ friendly. In fact, places like Athens and Thessaloniki regularly host Pride events.

Sidenote: curious about other LGBTQ+ travel destinations? Connect with Fora for insider intel.

Wondering how to plan a trip to Greece? Plan your getaway to Greece with Fora

Milos, Greece

Planning a Greece trip is easy when you have pro support. And don’t forget, when you book with Fora, your advisor can help you plan everything — like where to go in Greece for the first time — in accordance with your travel preferences.

Fora has tons of Greece travel guides & itineraries…

Seriously. From the best place to stay in Greece to the best Greek island for families or the best Greek island for couples, Fora has plenty of guides and travel itineraries for inspiration. 

…But your best bet for planning a trip to Greece is to enlist a Fora Advisor for 1-on-1 support

There’s no substitute for personalized support when planning a trip to Greece. A Fora Advisor can provide you with in-depth answers to questions like “How many days in Athens do I need?” or “How do I get off the beaten path in Hydra?” in a way that’s far more nuanced than what a guide can offer.

Perks at the best hotels, recommendations on the best guided tours & restaurants…planning a trip to Greece with Fora is a blast

Beyond tailored travel planning, when you book with Fora, your travel advisor can hook you up with all sorts of awesome hotel and travel perks at the coolest and most unique places to visit in Greece. This might include complimentary meals and property credits, spa tickets or even upgraded rooms. 

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Not sure about Greece as your destination? Perhaps planning a trip to Japan or creating a Spain bucket list will spark more joy. Fora can help with either and more.

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