How Many Days in Athens Do You (Really) Need? We’ve Got the Answer

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Planning a trip to Greece? There’s a good chance that your first stop will be Athens, Greece’s culturally rich capital. But here’s a question: how many days in Athens do you actually need to get the full experience? 

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First, is Athens truly worth visiting?

The short answer: yes. 

Steeped in history and brimming with cultural significance, Athens tops many lists of where to go in Greece for the first time. Greece’s capital is a treasure trove of ancient ruins, where travelers can immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Ancient Greece. But beyond the historical sites, Athens is home to a delicious gastronomic scene, electric nightlife (check out our Greece nightlife guide) and vibrant energy.

So yes, Athens is absolutely worth visiting, and one of the best places to stay in Greece. Period.

How many days in Athens do you need to get the full experience?

“How many days in Athens” is a tricky question. There’s certainly enough to do in Athens to keep you occupied for weeks, but if you’re only interested in seeing the highlights, two to three days are likely enough. 

It really depends on what you want to do. That said, here’s a better question:

How many days in Athens do you have? Fora can help you build the itinerary that fits your schedule

It doesn’t really make sense to plan a massive itinerary if you only have so many days to explore. So, “How many days in Athens do you want to spend” or “How many days in Athens can you spend” are much better questions. 

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How many days in Athens do you have?

Your options largely depend on how many days in Athens you have. Here are a few ideas based on the number of days you want to spend in the capital.

What to see if you have 1-2 days in Athens

The Acropolis & Museum

Regardless of how many days in Athens you have, the Acropolis and its accompanying museum are among the city’s most famous sites. Consider it a must-see stop. This Greek Golden Age marvel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built nearly 2500 years ago to celebrate Athens’ flourishing culture and victory over the Persian Empire in the Greco-Persian Wars. 

The National Archaeological Museum

Another incredible destination for Greek history and culture enthusiasts, Athens’ National Archaeological Museum is the preeminent authority on ancient Mediterranean art and mythos. The National Archaeological Museum is among the most prestigious museums in the world. Even if you’re only passively interested in art and culture, the museum is worth visiting.

Monastiraki Square

Finally, Monastiraki Square is a melting pot of historical, contemporary, local and foreign influences. The site has long been home to the Monastiraki Flea Market, where vendors sell everything from antiques to street food, as well as to gorgeous architecture, bustling cafés and exciting street performers. 

There may not be a better place in all of Athens to get a sense of the city’s unique vibe. 

Fora’s take

If you only have so many days in Athens to explore, these three places are so close together that you won’t have to worry too much about logistics. Plus, we can help you plan for details like public transportation, dining pit stops and so on.

More things to see and do if you have 3–4+ days in Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus (aka the Olympieion)

If you have a little more time to explore Athens, another incredible example of Classical architecture is the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, better known as the Temple of Zeus and sometimes called the Olympieion. The temple is among the largest in Ancient Greece, a befitting attribute highlighting Zeus’ significance to the Ancient Greeks. 

Found within the Royal Garden, itself a scenic area, the ruins offer a quiet escape from Athens’ otherwise bustling energy. 

Plaka (aka the “Neighborhood of the Gods”)

Just below the Acropolis, you’ll encounter Athens’ oldest neighborhood, Plaka. Here you’re just as likely to encounter Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins and architecture among its labyrinthine streets as you are trendy shops, traditional tavernas and colorful Old-World homes.

Plaka — one of the reasons Athens is among the best places to stay in Greece — is a great place to get lost among the narrow streets while taking in the local ambiance.

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Day trips to Hydra, Cape Sounio…

Depending on how many days in Athens you have, a fun day trip or two can be a fun way to get the most out of your Greece vacation. For example, you can travel off the beaten path to Hydra, a nearby Greek Isle, or visit Cape Sounio, home to the Temple of Poseidon and a picturesque, rocky coastline. The options are nearly endless, which leads us to our last point:

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