Where to Stay in Milos, Greece: 5 Great Options

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Charming villages, striking natural beauty, relaxing beaches — the question isn’t whether Milos is worth visiting, but rather, where to stay in Milos. 

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What’s the best part of Milos to stay in?

Milos might not top the average list of places to go in Greece for the first time, but it’s a magical destination filled with opportunities for adventure and relaxation. It’s the best place to stay in Greece for those who want an authentic experience far from the tourist traps, with an enjoyable blend of cultural immersion and delightful landscapes.

So what’s the best part of Milos to stay in? It depends on what you want out of your trip, of course, but most people travel to the northern part of the island, and particularly the small towns and villages that surround the Gulf of Milos. 

Read on to learn where to stay on Milos? Here’s five of our favorite places.

1. Adamantas (aka Adamas): where to stay in Milos for nightlife

Most people who travel to Milos will first go through the small port town of Adamantas, better known as Adamas. It’s one of the biggest settlements on Milos and the best place to stay if you want variety. Plus, Adamas’ central location makes it an excellent place for a home base while you explore everything Milos has to offer. 

And while Milos’ nightlife is pretty tame compared to Mykonos’ or Santorini’s (see our Greece nightlife guide), Adamas offers a lively time, with tons of bars and venues scattered throughout its otherwise relaxed streets.

The waterfront promenade area is especially worth visiting. Here, you can watch ships sail in and out of the harbor, enjoy access to some of Milos’ best beaches and dine at one of the many authentic cafés and restaurants.

2. Plaka: a charming hilltop community with stunning views of the Mediterranean

Built atop a hill overlooking both the Gulf of Milos and the surrounding Mediterranean, Plaka promises unbeatable views and the tranquil ambiance of a tiny seaside village. 

Plaka is dotted with cozy cafés and traditional tavernas, where you can relax and enjoy a leisurely meal or a cup of coffee. The narrow streets of Plaka are lined with charming boutiques, art galleries and artisan shops where you’ll find unique handmade crafts, traditional artwork, local products and more.

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3. Pollonia: where to stay in Milos for quiet beaches & a romantic vibe

If you’re wondering where to stay in Milos for romance, the coastal town of Pollonia sets the scene for an intimate couples’ trip. (Milos is one of the best Greek islands for couples, after all.) 

Pollonia’s beaches are among the island’s most beautiful, and their tranquil atmosphere is perfect for those seeking privacy and relaxation — yet boat tours, hiking trails and so on present opportunities for adventure. 

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4. Trypiti & Klima: where to stay in Milos for history & excellent seafood

The small town of Trypiti overlooks the vibrant, seaside village of Klima on Milos’ northern peninsula (not far from Plaka). 

Trypiti’s claims to fame include the Catacombs of Milos, thought to be some of the oldest in the world, and the Ancient Amphitheater of Milos, built by the Romans. Both sites are free to visit, and the amphitheater even hosts events on occasion.

The town of Klima, on the other hand, famous for its syrmatas — vibrantly painted boathouses — and idyllic coastal vibe. Its local tavernas are perfect for enjoying fresh seafood with ocean views. 

5. Mandrakia: where to stay in Milos to snorkel off rocky beaches

Like most settlements on Milos, Mandrakia is a small fishing village with friendly locals, great (and authentic) seafood and incredible views of the sea. However, Mandrakia’s rocky beaches set it apart. 

This is where to stay in Milos if you’re intent on finding the best places for snorkeling. Why? A lack of sandy beaches in Mandrakia tends to drive travelers to other parts of the island, so it’s not particularly crowded. Better yet, the rocky beaches and cliff sides also happen to make a great home for the plethora of small critters and fish that live near Mandrakia’s shores.

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