Sep 5, 2023

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Modern Travel Advisor Training: Fora's Community-First Approach

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    At Fora, we empower our advisors with the tools, tech, expertise and community to help them build a fulfilling travel business. That last one — community — is especially important, which is why we're so passionate about our community-first training model.

    We do things a little differently around here, especially when it comes to training. Read on to discover what makes our program special, and why it's the best (and most fun) way to kickstart a career as a travel advisor.

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    Fora meets you where you're at

    Our flexible training schedule means you can learn at your own pace. Full-time job? School drop-off duty? Last-minute grocery run? Not to worry: our training program is designed to fit your schedule. (Read about how Fora Advisor .)

    Our training lives completely online, and is accessible via your Fora Advisor Portal, your . If you miss a live session, you can easily access the recording and absorb the information that way, whenever you'd like.

    Another plus? You can access the training from anywhere: at home, at work, on vacation...In other words, you can build the business you want, on your own terms.

    Fora keeps it modern — and relevant

    Fora Advisors and HQ members on our Virgin Voyages FAM

    Fora's advisor training is about empowering the modern travel entrepreneur. We take great care to ensure our training is up-to-date and in line with current trends and demand. (Hello, .) You'll never find us replaying stale YouTube videos from 2017 — we have live, interactive trainings with content that's updated regularly.

    Our training is personalized and dynamic, and we're always iterating on our offerings. We're here to support you every step of the way as you master both technical and adaptive skills. 

    Each week, attend a session covering all the details (and best hotels, of course) of a specific destination. (New England, San Sebastián, the Azores and Southeast Asia were a few recent highlights.) Marketing office hours, partner trainings, content workshops, business bootcamps and industry-specific how-to's (group bookings, transportation etc.) are just a few examples of the sessions we offer. (For a taste, read our article on .)

    We're especially proud of our series, an ongoing collection of training sessions that cover more thoughtful and ethical travel, from to .

    We're also big on learning by doing. You can start booking (and earning commission) from day one. Or, you can train up first. Either way, you'll get hands-on, real-life experience as you build your business at your own pace.

    Fora keeps community top of mind

    Fora Advisors and HQ members hit the racetrack during Virtuoso Travel Week

    Everything comes back to community. When you join Fora, you join a group of like-minded individuals, all with a love of travel. And we're constantly working on optimizing our training structure so that every advisor feels welcome, engaged, seen and heard. You'll learn among your peers — in fact, Forum, our community app, is a treasure trove of advice, collaboration, support and positive vibes. We're all about celebrating one another, and helping each other succeed.

    Our community extends beyond our advisors, too. Fora has partnered with over 5,500 hotels (plus tour companies, cruises, villa rental services...) around the world. Our vast network opens the door for even more relationships and fulfilling collaborations (not to mention top-tier travel experiences). In other words, there's lots of support and knowledge to go around — even more so as our diverse community continues to grow.

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    Transform your passion for travel into your dream job. We'll set you up with everything you need to succeed as a travel advisor. From training to top-notch tech, marketing assets, community, commission tracking & payments (and more), we've got you.

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