Guide to a Luxury Wellness Getaway in Tulum

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Advisor - Tiffany Malone
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Curator’s statement

Tulum is a beautiful destination that has a balance of local immersion, tourist attractions and wellness and luxury experiences. While just 81 miles from Cancun, Tulum is less busy, more relaxed, and has an authentic Mexican feel. A diverse region, you can enjoy an early morning hike to the Mayan Ruins, jump in a Cenote to cool off, enjoy lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant and enjoy drinks prepared by world-renowned mixologists while watching the sunset on a beautiful beach before ending the night with a unique holistic party (think: Woodstock 1969 on the beach). I’ve visited many regions in Mexico and my personal preference and absolutely favorite is Tulum, I always leave feeling rejuvenated with wonderful memories.

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Where to stay in Tulum, Mexico

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Things to do in Tulum, Mexico

palm trees on the beach during sunset
  1. Mayan Clay Spa - Revitalize at their beach and jungle spas. Enjoy detoxing clay massage treatments and deep tissue healing techniques that leave your skin, body and soul feeling alive and rejuvenated. I personally recommend their 3-hr Mineral Bathouse Treatment. Now I will warn you: this is a very unique experience, you will have the entire bathhouse to yourself and you are encouraged to remove all clothing for the best experience.

  2. Yäan Healing Sanctuary - A healing center that immerses you in the elements of fire, air, water and earth while using holistic and relaxing methods to integrate peace within the mind, body and soul.

  3. Cenote Casa Tortuga - With different styles of caves and open water cenotes, this can easily be a half-day trip. Bring cash and rent a locker for your belongings.

  4. Cenotes Sac Actum - A completely natural underground mystical water paradise in the Riviera Maya.

  5. Cenotes Dos Ojos - Two cenotes, Ojos 1 is the smaller of the two. I highly recommend a mask and snorkel to experience the full effect of this cenote. They do have snorkel gear available to rent, but it is a great idea to bring your own equipment. Life jackets are mandatory and provided for you at each cenote.

  6. Tulum Archeological Site - The site of the Pre-Columbian Maya walled city serving as a major port for Coba. Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya and it was at its height between the 13th and 15th centuries and managed to survive about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico.

  7. Ziggy’s Beach - A very popular beach club next to The Beach Tulum & Cabanas Tulum. There is a $70 minimum spending limit is required to access the beach club amenities. Pets are not allowed on the premises.

  8. Tulum Tower - The only aerobar in Mexico. Enjoy your favorite drinks and foods while singing your favorite songs, and discovering Tulum from a new and unique perspective - 118 feet in the air! Price can range from $700 -$1000 MXN ($40-$55 USD).

  9. Mystika Immersive - A one-of-a-kind sensory experience that takes the viewer on a journey of connection with Mayan Cosmology.

  10. Casa Malca - Enjoy luxury and art in the same location in this natural paradise. You can choose from several restaurants, enjoy the spa or simply lay out and relax at the beach club. I highly recommend arriving early and making this at least a half-day experience. There is an entry fee of $150 USD.

Day Trips in Tulum, Mexico

Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres, Akumal, Punta Allen, Valladolid and Yucatan all make great day trips from Tulum.

Places to eat & drink in Tulum, Mexico

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Breakfast in Tulum, Mexico

For breakfast, I recommend Arbolea inside the Conrad Tulum. I have dined all around the world and this was by far the best breakfast buffet I have experienced. The food was so fresh and they had such a variety, truly something for everyone.

Raw Love - If you’re looking for healthy vegan options, this place is just for you. Located on the beach, you can enjoy a nice smoothie bowl or avocado toast while listening to the waves crash.

Lunch in Tulum, Mexico

Sabor de Mar - Visit here for a taste of Mexican Seafood. I recommend the torres de mariscos (seafood tower).

Rincon de Jade - Take a trip to the Mercado de Tulum to reorient you around local gastronomy.

I recommend the Sunday Morning Mondongo, the perfect cure for a long fun-filled weekend.

Dinner in Tulum, Mexico

Mi Amor - This hotel and restaurant will always hold a special place in my heart as this is where I stayed during my first visit to Tulum. Led by chef Paul Bentley, I always enjoy this Mediterranean restaurant a la Mexicana which overlooks a beautiful ocean view.

Gitano - Swanky jungle getaway with an old-world feel that merges 17th-century Mexican architecture, candlelit dinners and overgrown palm trees and vines.

Rosa Negra - Enjoy the perfect night out on the town and visit Rosa Negra. Order The Millionaire, a surf-and-turf combo of a Hyogo Prefecture 8-ounce New York Kobe cut, paired with lobster tail, with its clubby rainforest patio, Soft lights and hanging bamboo lampshades, you will definitely leave Gitano’s feeling like you just walked out of a high profile restaurant for the elite.

Advisor - Tiffany Malone

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