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Advisor - Bijoy Shah


A gourmand with a taste for adventure. An avid hiker and personal assistant to a lovely young girl and a crotchety old hound dog. Indianapolis-based, but often found in Montana.

Home airports

IND, generally, but ORD rather often.

My travel style

I love to wander and explore new places – taking in every bit of the scenery, culture and food, all while ensuring that I have a comfortable place to stay every night to recharge.

Favorite hotels

Recently returned from:

  • Hiking in the Black Hills.

  • Wandering Bristol, stopping for pubs and Banksy.

  • Hiking the Phoenix area parks and trails.

  • Exploring the coastal towns of Ireland.

Dreaming of:

  • Climbing Ben Nevis.

  • Sipping coffee in Istanbul.

  • Gazing over the water from Gibraltar.

One thing I can't travel without...

My camera.

Two truths, one lie:

  1. I've been detained at JFK.

  2. I once paid $24 for a single can of Guinness in Mumbai.

  3. I've driven a race car through the streets of Turin.

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Advisor - Bijoy Shah


Bijoy Shah

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