An Overview of Exploring Ireland

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Advisor - Bijoy Shah
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Cliffs in Moher Ireland
Curator’s statement

With family ties and many adventures, Ireland is quite dear to me. Its spectacular nature and incredible history make it a memorable holiday away on Emerald Isle. From castles to pints and pubs, Ireland has something for just about everyone, and it makes for a great road trip across its diverse cities, towns and islands. 

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Where to stay around Ireland

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Things to do around Ireland

Castle in Ireland

With well-maintained roads making it easy to drive, the country of Ireland can easily be explored through driving. So rent a car and get on your way to explore both the stereotypical destinations and true gems of the Emerald Isle – a darling nickname for Ireland. 

Stay at a Castle

Upon arrival in Ireland, you must choose a castle to stay in. Ashford Castle is magnificent, but there are dozens for you to visit and spend a night. Many of these castle hotels wear many hats as romantic getaways, family fun spots and cultural fixtures. 

Nature Exploration

Ireland offers a bounty of swoon-worthy views, and nature exploration abounds. Check out the Cliffs of Moher. They are beautiful, and the juxtaposition of farmland to sheer, gorgeous dramatic drop-offs. While in County Clare, hop a boat to see Skellig Michael. It's a stunning island that served as Luke Skywalker's hideaway in the recent Star Wars saga. 

Finally, consider spending a night or two in beautiful coastal Dingle. The town is lovely, and the culture is gushing out for you to take in. Head to Foxy John's when there.Murphy's Ice Cream, made in Dingle and available in many other cities, is also worth a trip. The brown bread flavor is worth trying, even if it sounds unique. 

Irish Classics

Check out the Library at Trinity College when you're in Dublin. There's loads of great stuff, including the inspired harp that you see on the Guinness beer can. Also, grab a pint at The Temple Bar. Head to County Clare for classic Irish inns and pubs for more traditional Irish fare.Go to Waterford and visit Waterford Crystal Factory, hosting one design that is exclusive to the Waterford store location. 

Places to eat & drink around Ireland

Fish & Chips in Ireland

The meat and seafood in Ireland are excellent quality, especially the cities and spots along the coast. The fish and chips are good almost everywhere, except in the touristy zones. The traditional breakfast is a great start to the day, but opting for a cup of tea and some brown bread is also very nice. Dine at the pubs. The food is excellent, and it comes at a fair price. Have kids? They are welcome in most pubs, too! 

Some places in Ireland have early-bird dinner specials that are highly recommended. It’s often two or three courses for a very fair price. If you find yourself in Galway, get sushi. I know it sounds strange, but it’s unique and spectacular. Many of the straight-up bars in Ireland don't serve proper food. 

Get a Guinness at St. James Gate for the experience.

Get your daily dram at Jameson in Dublin.

Advisor - Bijoy Shah

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