3-Day Itinerary for a Weekend in Historic Bath

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Advisor - Bijoy Shah
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street lined with stone buildings with gray skies
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Bath is an interesting, vivid city in England. While it is often overlooked, I urge you to go and see it! The city is thousands of years old with a rich history. King Arthur may have battled on the outskirts of the city, but Bath is known for a more gentle existence. This is how I'd spend one weekend in one of the world's oldest "spa towns."

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Day 1: Arrive in Bath

stone buildings with blue skies

Arrive in Bath around lunch and head to The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa to drop off your bags and head to Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum. This vintage place is famed for its namesake pastry: the Sally Lunn Bunn. The age of the place is evident with vivid wallpaper covering unusually-angled walls and many doorways requiring stooping to pass.

After lunch, visit The Roman Baths, one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe. Once the site of one of the most popular religious spas of the ancient world; the people of Roman Britain came to the site to worship the goddess Sulis Minerva and bathe in the waters of the natural thermal springs. They still flow with hot water to this day.

After exploring, head back to your hotel for dinner at the award-winning Dower House. After dinner get some rest or your day tomorrow.

Day 2: Explore historic Bath

bridge near buildings and body of water during daytime

Have breakfast at your hotel before making your way to Pulteney Weir Bridge. The weir was built in the late Middle Ages to prevent the river from flooding the town of Bath. The bridge was constructed in the early 1770s. It crosses the River Avon, replacing the need for a ferry. In the classic large. bridge sense of the Middle Ages, there are shops on both sides of the bridge for you to browse and enjoy.

After crossing the bridge, head to Sham Castle. Located on a golf course, Sham Castle is, exactly as the title suggests, a sham. It's just a wall meant to look like the entrance to a grand medieval fortress. Hilariously enough, it was originally built to improve the view from a wealthy postmaster’s nearby estate.

Now go over to The Boater for a nice pub lunch before exploring the Beazer Garden Maze. Named for the local construction company that donated the land on which the paver stone labyrinth was built, the labyrinth was designed by deceased diplomat (and perhaps spy), maze designer and “labyrinthologist” Randoll Coate in 1984. It's a fun and enjoyable piece of Bath.

After winding through the Labyrinth, go to 1-2 Queen's Parade Pl where you'll find a lane that was once used to escort couples to and from social affairs. But it is best known for its use as a place for settling scores, or dueling. The unassuming "formal name is Gravel Walk, and it will lead you right back to your hotel to freshen up before dinner.

For dinner, get a car to The Bath Priory. The food is well-crafted, local and delicious. The views over the adjacent garden are pretty great, too! It's perfect for a nice evening before your last day in Bath.

Day 3: Visit the Botanical Gardens of Bath

body of water with buildings in the distance with sunny skies

Wake up and head to the Botanical Gardens of Bath. It is a 9 acre section of Royal Victoria Park dedicated to flora and fauna. It's lush and gorgeous, feeling otherworldly at times. Enjoy tea at Herberts Café in Royal Victoria Park before heading home.

Advisor - Bijoy Shah

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