Mirihi Is a True little Barefoot Maldivian Island

travel advisor Susan Anderson in a black sweatshirt on a beach
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Mirihi Is a True little Barefoot Maldivian Island
Curator’s statement

Mirhri is lovely. It’s a pretty little island and it's postcard perfect. The staff is really friendly and helpful. We never put our shoes on. It is a very unpretentious with a relaxed vibe and white powdery sand you can walk around the island in 10 minutes or less. All the floors in the reception and buffet area are covered in soft sand. The seating is right on the beach close to the water.

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Where to stay

Mirihi Island Resort

A secluded paradise where luxury meets the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives.

travel advisor Susan Anderson in a black sweatshirt on a beach

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Legendary Swiss chef extraordinaire Felix is still there and gave us a warm welcome at dinner along with a tour of the “ flavors of East Asia” buffet. Just wow! The desert of purple potato coconut custard and the purple rice mango coconut custard were amazing. Really loved the passion fruit sorbet too. And the purple flower crusty bread loaf was delicious! He grows the flowers in his garden. I remember in Laos they used the purple flowers in teas and salads. It’s food art and Felix presents his food as a true “iron chef.” Of course, he humbly reminded us it is a “group effort”.

He and his crew put out night after night the most creative, artistic and delicious dishes we have ever had in the Maldives almost like a Michelin-starred restaurant. We were on half- board as we don’t drink that much or find we need lunch with the large and filling breakfast buffet. Every night had a different themed dinner.

The ping-pong table is also on the beach in the sand/shade and we played daily.

The spa. One of the best treatments at reasonable pricing I’ve had in the Maldives so far. They also gave us 20% off, which we appreciated. Mari did an excellent job, I received the serenity ritual treatment package twice, which was consisted of the coconut scrub, Indian head massage with hot oil and Swedish massage.

Diving. My husband dove in the Thin fushi matti Thila dive spot which is suppose to be the best in South Ari for fish soup. He said the dive here and at Kandolhu were the best he did in the Maldives. He saw manta rays and large amounts of fish as well as sharks.

Snorkeling. The main reason we keep returning to the Maldives is to swim/snorkel around the island drop off for hours each day usually at a faster clip for exercise. We saw dolphins, great fish soup turtles, eels and more sharks than Baa atoll, but also there are more sharks in north Ari than South Ari. Mirihi has a large reef to circle around, but you have to cut across the lagoon at one end. There was not much current.

Mirihi is definitely a “barefoot island“ as the pathways are a thick powdery sand. It is a peaceful, quiet and unpretentious resort reflected in the simple room decor and lack of a butler.

We were not given our sunrise room choice of 32-36 but it was ok. We were on the other end of the half circle of WV, which are further from the reef. The even rooms are much better as they are more open to the sea view the odd number rooms have the wall of the attached room on the side. The WV are in groups of two.

The night sky was spectacular almost fully covered with stars which were all the way down to the horizon!

Appreciated the managers reception right on the beach. It was a lovely time to meet and greet and enjoy free drinks.

We were given free sparkling and still water daily along with ice and fresh lemons.

Sunsets are gorgeous from the open deck at the Anba Bar and perfect for hanging out in the early evening.

A great island to snorkel with whale sharks. It is an excursion that costs $230 per person, but is well worth it.

The rooms are simply decorated but it felt well done and updated with a traditional island feel. The rooms also have comfortable seating. The rooms are attached and the WV even numbered rooms have slightly better open views than the odd number rooms

There are no pools on the island if that is a deal breaker. We didn’t mind as our other two resorts we visited after Mirihi had pools and we spend most of our time in the ocean anyways.

Need to Know

We would happily go back it is a good all-rounder if you are looking for amazing snorkeling, outstanding food, friendly staff and a small beautiful traditional island.

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travel advisor Susan Anderson in a black sweatshirt on a beach

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