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Lush green mountains on Kauai, Hawaii's most natural island.
Lush green mountains on Kauai, Hawaii's most natural island.

Hawai'i, upgraded

A treasure chest of natural beauty and island soul, Hawai'i is nothing short of magical.

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Six Hawaiian islands readily accept travelers: Oahu, the Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai. See our guide to the best places to stay in Hawai‘i for the lowdown on each island, plus some of our favorite hotels.

Travel to Hawai‘i’s smaller islands — there are over 130 —  may also be possible. However, the majority of these islands are completely undeveloped, and in some cases uninhabitable, so travel is severely limited.

Hawai‘i doesn’t have a true off-season. Unless you have a specific reason for visiting — like surfing or whale watching — the best months to travel to Hawai‘i are whatever months work best for you! 

That said, each island has unique weather quirks to consider. To get the most out of your trip, connect with a Fora Advisor and they’ll make sure you visit the right island at the right time.

US travelers do not need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, nor present a negative test. 

International requirements vary by point of origin and tend to be updated as needed. Your Fora Advisor will let you know if there are any relevant restrictions when booking your trip.

US travelers can freely travel to and from Hawai‘i. 

International travelers will need a passport, among other potential requirements depending on their country of origin. Your Fora Advisor will be happy to assist you with these details.

Hawai‘i is generally more expensive to visit than other US states. However, the exact cost of your trip will depend on which island you visit and your planned activities. Rest assured that your Fora Advisor will make sure you get the best value for your trip, from hotel bookings to expert recommendations.

Most restaurants and businesses in Hawai‘i accept card payments, but smaller establishments in Hawai‘i’s more rural areas may only take cash (USD).

Oahu is Hawai‘i’s most visited island, but the Big Island, Maui and Kauai are popular destinations, too. Each offers an incredible experience, so it ultimately depends on the type of vacation you desire.

Our full guide to the best island to visit in Hawai‘i for first-timers offers plenty of context, but you can always speak with a Fora Advisor for personalized advice.

You can absolutely drive around Oahu or Maui — the Hana highway is beautiful— in a single day. 

You can drive around the entire Big Island in a single day, too. But a good portion might take place at night, so it may be best to stretch a Big Island road trip into two days.

Your Hawai‘i travel planner (aka Fora Advisor) can fill you in on everything from how to travel between the islands in Hawai‘i to the best Hawaiian islands for kids and families

So yes, it’s worth it to work with a Hawai‘i travel planner. Advisors have an abundance of travel tips, and connecting with one is as simple as finding someone you resonate with. All you have to do is share your vacation preferences and they’ll handle all your booking and travel needs. It’s easy, costs the same as booking alone and you’ll get VIP perks and treatment.