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Iconic entrance sign to Las Vegas at the front of city border with palm trees in the background.
Iconic entrance sign to Las Vegas at the front of city border with palm trees in the background.

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Let’s face it: Sin City never gets old (if you do it right, that is).

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It’s a disservice to relegate all the fun to be had in Las Vegas to a few paragraphs. While Vegas is practically synonymous with bright-light casinos, slot machines and card tables, there are so many things to do in Vegas besides gambling: shows, concerts, nightclubs, unique experiences, an incredible variety of restaurants, bars and shopping — the list goes on. 

Plan your travel to Las Vegas with Fora, and your advisor can help you create a personalized itinerary filled with the coolest things to do in Vegas.

Not at all! There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas with kids

It might be easy to dismiss a place colloquially known as “Sin City” as anything but family friendly, but that reputation is far from all encompassing. Vegas did get its start as a mafia-run gambling town roughly 80 years ago, but it has since become one of the world’s foremost entertainment destinations — and that includes entertainment for the whole family.

There are also many family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, which a Fora Advisor would be happy to chat with you about.

The cost of a Las Vegas vacation depends on what you want to do, where you want to stay and a dozen other factors. On average, travel to Las Vegas for two people costs between $1,500–$5,000 per week.

If you’re looking for uncompromising luxury, however, a Vegas vacation can easily exceed six figures and beyond. 

Your Las Vegas travel planner — aka Fora Advisor — can help you plan your whole experience, all while scoring you awesome hotel perks and upgrades.

Las Vegas isn’t just the city that never sleeps, it’s the city that never stops. 

There’s no true off-season in Vegas, but some months are busier than others. March, April, May, October and November are arguably the best months to travel to Las Vegas if you’re looking for a good mix of mild weather and fun events. Alternatively, Vegas’ scorching summers and chilly winters have a mitigating effect on crowds, but ultimately, there’s always plenty going on here. 

Expect your travel to Las Vegas to be anything but boring no matter when you go.

Of all the Las Vegas landmarks, two places stand out.

First, the Strip is Vegas’ main event, where you’ll find most of the city's best hotels, the most recognizable casinos and the most exciting attractions. Virtually anything you could want is here in some form: world-class (or super casual) dining, dance clubs, gambling, shopping (boutique and otherwise), arcades, shows — nothing is in short supply here. You could spend a month on the Strip and only see a fraction of what’s offered.

Then, you have the nearby Fremont Experience, a thrilling venue-slash-mall with a massive overhead LED canopy displaying an impressive light and sound show. Most nights feature concerts or other live performances, and the vibe is incredibly lively. 

Connect with Fora to get the full scoop on both destinations (and many more).

For as much as there is to do in Vegas, it’s surprisingly easy to navigate on foot — but there are situations that warrant traveling by car. Walking from one end of the Strip to the next is almost overwhelmingly fun, but it can be exhausting, too. 

If most of the things you want to do are concentrated in one area of the Strip, you can probably get away with taking an Uber or cab whenever there’s something further away. Otherwise, it might make sense to rent a car (a Fora Advisor can help with that, too) which is especially true  if you’re planning any day trips.

Bonus tip: there’s a monorail that runs through most of the Strip.

Absolutely. There’s Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston for those wanting to get in touch with nature, just outside the city. For those who don’t mind a drive, the western rim of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley National Park are also relatively close.

Our guide to places to visit near Las Vegas by car covers this in more detail.

Las Vegas has the highest concentration of hotels in the world. 

On one hand, that’s great news for anyone planning last-minute travel to Las Vegas (we have your back). On the other hand, so many options can make it difficult to decide where to stay in Las Vegas: you have the best party hotels in Vegas, the best Vegas hotels for couples, the best Vegas hotels for bachelorette parties and on and on. 

The Bellagio, The Venetian and New York-New York are classic fixtures on the Vegas Strip, offering fantastic accommodations. But there are also newer hotels and casinos like The Cosmopolitan, the Delano and the Wynn Las Vegas, just to name a few.

Fora can help you decide which hotels make the most sense for your Vegas travel. And don’t forget: Fora Advisors can score you awesome hotel perks and upgrades at no extra cost.

Of course! From the best Vegas bachelorette party ideas (and the best Vegas hotels for bachelorette parties) to the coolest hotels in Vegas, Fora has roughly two dozen Las Vegas travel guides (and counting) to inspire your travel. 

Better yet, connect with Fora, and an advisor can tailor your trip to your preferences.

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To recap: Fora Advisors can handle all your travel needs, from booking accommodations to planning your itinerary to providing exciting recommendations built from firsthand experience, industry knowledge and, of course, your expectations and preferences. Plus, when you book with Fora, you get access to all sorts of travel benefits, like VIP hotel perks and more. It’s like having a friend on the inside.