Things to Do in Mexico City for Young Adults

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As one of the world’s largest cities, there are a lot of things to do in Mexico City for young adults. The trendiest neighborhoods, the best food and the most exciting bars and clubs can all be found here in CDMX — one of the most unique places to visit in Mexico.

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What exactly are the best things to do in Mexico City for young adults?

Glad you asked! Here are some of the top activities you absolutely can't miss.

Check out CDMX’s poshest neighborhoods

Mexico City’s trendiest neighborhoods offer everything Millennials and Gen-Z’ers could possible desire.

Looking for the poshest shopping? Go to Polanco. Want to check out the newest contemporary art exhibits? Check out Roma Norte. Curious about the popping Mexico City nightlife? Visit Zona Rosa (aka the unofficial capital of gay Mexico City travel).

Even better, most of the best hotels in Mexico City (including the best boutique hotels in Mexico City) call these neighborhoods home too. And if you're not sure where to start, chat with a Fora Advisor, who can point you in the right direction.

Enjoy the city’s gorgeous architecture

CDMX is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico for a reason. There’s a treasure trove of architectural wonders, art history and culture to explore in Mexico City.

If you're interested in food and local immersion, we've got a guide on local vegetarian food, art history and culture in Mexico City.

Along the capital’s many streets, avenues and districts you’ll find a wide-ranging blend of European-made-Mexican architectural styles juxtaposed with Mesoamerican influences and ruins, with sights as gorgeous as they are majestic.

Learn about Mexico City through its world-class museums

While you’re enjoying the city’s architecture, you can immerse yourself in Mexico City’s culture at one of the city’s many, many museums. From operatic performances at the Palacio de Bellas Artes to the contemporary exhibits of the Soumaya Museum, few other cities in the world match the diversity, number or scale of Mexico City’s museums.

Check out our guide on cultural immersion in Mexico City.

Planning your trip with the help of your Fora Advisor will ensure you see all the top landmarks in Mexico City (along with many other perks, like planning day trips from Mexico City). 

If you’re hesitant, check out why working with a travel advisor for Mexico City can optimize your trip and save you money.

Explore Mexico City’s vibrant nightlife

For young adults, travel to Mexico City is simply incomplete without a taste of the city’s buzzing nightlife. The fiestas rarely stop in Zona Rosa and Condesa, which are both home to dozens of clubs, bars and dance floors. 

If you want a quieter night though, there’s still plenty to do in Mexico City for young adults. 

Chapultepec Park offers a more intimate experience for couples after dusk with romantic picnics and free movie nights while many of the museums offer after-hours events like unique shows, exhibits and more.

Dine on some of the world’s best cuisine

There’s a real feast to be had in Mexico City. It’s practically mandatory that any long weekend spent in CDMX involves sampling one of the world’s best and most diverse culinary treasures.

Here, an unbelievably delicious mix of contemporary fusion blends with traditional Mexican cuisine. Young travelers will especially love the city’s trendy, urban menus and world-class cocktail bars.

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