Cultural Immersion in Mexico City, Mexico

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Advisor - Gloriel Veillard
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Mexico City Travel Guide
Curator’s statement

Mexico City is a melting pot of Mexican and international cultures crossing paths in a vibrant metropolis – which also just happens to be one of the world’s biggest cities. With its lively streets, incredible gastronomy and rich history, CDMX is near and dear to my heart — my home away from home. CDMX was actually my first international solo trip! As a Black woman, I prioritize safety whenever I travel abroad. However, I can honestly say that the feeling of being safe within this country has allowed me to really immerse myself in the culture. As a result, Mexico City is an excellent destination to learn about Mexican culture, indulge in local living and explore.

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Where to stay in Mexico City, Mexico

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Things to do in Mexico City, Mexico

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City

You can truly spend a lifetime in Mexico City and not explore all that it offers. It’s a true treasure chest of museums, cultural institutions, galleries, restaurants, historical sights and so on. Start by exploring CDMX’s squares, parks and markets. The Alameda Central is the Central Park of Mexico City – featuring salsa and bachata classes on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re looking for a bit more greenery, Parque Mexico in La Condesa is a hip and vibrant park where you can hang out in the tree shade, people-watch and meet some cute dogs. Finally, when looking for a market, there isn’t anything like Mercado de Coyoacan. Shop until you drop with the locals – and don’t forget to grab some memelas too!

Cultural Institutions & Museums

There are quite a few places that are an absolute must in Mexico City. Start with the Zócalo, the city’s historic center and the center of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, and there you can also check out the Plaza Tolsa (that you’re standing on). There are a few museums like the Museo Nacional del Arte, the Palacio Nacional and the Metropolitan Cathedral surrounding the square and ruins of yesteryear. From there, you can head over to Palacio Bellas Artes, which is just a few minutes away, and see the true crown jewel of Mexico City. Go inside. To the right of the palace is the Postal Museum: Palacio de Correos de México, which might not sound like your first choice but is one of the most impressive Baroque buildings in the city. Finally, if you are looking to get away, just behind you is the Barrio Chino – the famous Chinatown. 

The Museo Franz Mayer displays Latin America’s largest collection of decorative arts. Another great destination is Museo De Arte Popular which includes an array of Mexican crafts ranging from textiles, pottery, glass, piñatas, alebrijes, furniture and much more.

When looking for alternative museums, consider Casa Gilardi – a Luis Barragan-designed home that you can visit. Remember to book two weeks in advance as tickets sell out quickly. Museo Soumaya is another excellent destination that exhibits contemporary art, much from Latinx artists. The Casa Organica is a great destination too. The snake-shaped home just outside of the city center is true kaleidoscopic heaven. Finally, the Casa De Los Azulejos offers insight into an 18th-century Baroque palace in Mexico City, built by the Count of the Valle de Orizaba family.

Advisor - Gloriel Veillard

A note from Gloriel

If you’re looking to get out of the town center, take the trajinera boats on the old irrigation canals in Xochimilco. You can also visit Frida and Diego in Coyoacán. A trip to the Grutas Tolantongo is in the books if you're looking to get further out. And if you’re motivated, you can even head out to San Miguel de Allende for a few extra nights.

Eat & drink in Mexico City, Mexico

Cocktail in Mexico City

Quintonil: An innovative fine-dining destination in Polanco with crafty dishes on a set menu. 

Bar Orienté: One of the most fun nighttime destinations in Rome Norte, this cocktail bar turns into a whole party past midnight. 

Blanco Castilar: Stylish restaurant located in one of Polanco's most beautiful buildings with Spanish-inclined cuisine, including jamon, croquetas and more delicious food options.  

El Japonez: A stylish Japanese restaurant located all around the city with inventive presentation options. 

Tokyo: One of Mexico’s best cocktail bars with inventive mixology. 

Balta: Located in the Sofitel hotel, this bar offers sprawling views of the city and serves strong-spirited libations. 

Cityzen:  Rooftop bar with incredible views.

Puerto Madero: Argentinian meat-focused restaurant with excellent dishes. 

Maque: A swanky traditional restaurant serving traditional Mexican breakfast like huevos revueltos and chilaquiles. I suggest going to the Condesa location.

Madre Cafe: Lovely hipster joint for breakfast.

Pujol: This Michelin-starred restaurant consistently ranks as the best in Mexico and one of the best in the world. Opt for the full tasting menu and/or choose the taco bar seating. 

Blanco Colima: One of the city’s chicest restaurants, this Roma establishment is the place to see and be seen. 

La Gruta: This restaurant near the pyramids of Teotihuacan is located in a grotto, featuring traditional Mexican dining in a genuinely incredible atmosphere. Do not miss this restaurant when visiting the pyramids! 

Hanky Panky: Enter this speakeasy through a refrigerator door and enjoy the world of mixology behind closed doors. 

Zanaya: Located in Four Seasons Mexico City, this restaurant offers classic international cuisine and a sumptuous bottomless Sunday brunch.

Advisor - Gloriel Veillard

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