The 9 Best Things to Do in Mexico City at Night

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    It’s probably cliché to say Mexico City never sleeps, but it’s completely true. There are a lot of cool things to do in Mexico City at night, whether you’re looking for a quiet evening of refinement or an all-night fiesta.

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    First, some tips on staying safe in Mexico City at night

    As one of the most unique places to visit in Mexico, CDMX has plenty to offer. Like any city, though, it’s wise to be cautious while you explore it after dark. 

    Private transportation is recommended, and you should plan your night ahead of time. Avoid going down alleys or streets you’re unfamiliar with, and try not to flaunt any jewelry. And, if you order drinks, make sure you’re always watching them (which is good advice for anywhere!). 

    The most exciting things to do in Mexico City at night

    There are enough things to do in Mexico City at night for all types of travelers. Here are nine of our favorites:

    1. Visit the Palace of Fine Arts (and other museums) on the last Wednesday of the month

    It’s almost impossible to avoid Mexico City’s art history; one of the best examples is the Palace of Fine Arts, which also happens to be one of the most popular landmarks in Mexico City

    At night, the Palace is always hosting ballet, operatic or other performances. But on the last Wednesday of every month, dozens of Mexico City’s museums hold special events from around 6:00 to 10:00 at night.

    If you're interested in more local immersion, we've got a guide on local vegetarian food, art history and culture in Mexico City.

    2. See a Lucha Libre show at Arena Mexico

    Lucha Libre shows are enormously popular in Mexico, and the shows at CDMX are among the best. This unique take on professional wrestling places a much greater emphasis on acrobatics and drama, with the “good guys” taking on the “bad guys” for honor, glory or — well, like we said, drama.

    3. Enjoy cocktails at CDMX’s best bars, or dance in the city’s best clubs (like Patrick Miller)

    Mexico City’s hippest neighborhoods all feature tons of great bars and clubs. Zona Rosa is especially buzzing (that goes double if you’re looking for gay Mexico City travel) but Polanco, Roma Norte and Condesa are all home to great options as well.

    Most of the best hotels in Mexico City feature world-class bars and/or exist in very close proximity to the top clubs and dance floors. Plus, a few of Mexico City’s bars, like Fifty Mils and Licorería Limantour, are among the best in the world. Psst: if you're not interested in a luxury stay, a Fora Advisor can help you find something a little more down to Earth).

    4. Enjoy the Teotihuacán Light Show

    Teotihuacán doesn’t just make for one of the best day trips from Mexico City, it also features an exciting light show after normal tour hours. Projectors are used to light up the pyramids in shows inspired by ancient Mesoamerican art.

    5. Peruse the Witch Market in the Mercado de Sonora

    If you’re into darker excitement, the Witch Market in el Mercado de Sonora is home to many vendors selling potions, herbs and other trinkets associated with Santa Muerte and other somber entities. (We are talking about the best things to do in Mexico City at night, after all!)

    If you’re not interested in occult merchandise, the market also offers plenty of fantastic street food options as well.

    If you're interested in a feast for the five senses, check out our guide on A Sensorial Feast in Mexico City, Mexico.

    6. Learn to salsa like a local

    If you’re looking for cultural immersion in Mexico City, learning to salsa at one of the city’s many dance floors has to be near the top of your to-do list. While salsa actually has its roots in Puerto Rico and New York City, it — and many other Latin American dance styles — have really taken off in CDMX.

    7. Listen to live, authentic Mexican bands and artists

    Nearly all the best things to do in Mexico City at night involve music in some form. Plaza Garibaldi, for example, is considered the birthplace of Mariachi in Mexico City and has bands playing almost always.

    Plenty of the best luxury hotels in Mexico City host live music or are within walking distance to top venues or plazas too.

    8. Join a private food tour

    You may want to consider joining a private food tour at night. The city’s gastronomic scene is among the best in the world, blending traditional Mexican cuisine with contemporary fusion influences. 

    Your Fora Advisor can steer you towards the best tours to join. (Check out Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor for Mexico City for more).

    9. Explore the Chapultepec Forest’s nighttime offerings

    CDMX is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico because of the way it lights up at night, and one of the best places to see that skyline is from Chapultepec Castle. The castle has served plenty of roles during its many centuries, but nowadays, it’s one of the city’s most exciting attractions. 

    In fact, Chapultepec Forest is a must-see in general for any long weekend in Mexico City. If you’re looking for things to do in Mexico City for young adults or couples, you can catch a (free) movie on the water at the Lanchacinema, enjoy a romantic dinner picnic or simply walk through the park’s well-lit scenery.

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