The Best St. Lucia All-Inclusive Resorts: 3 Luxurious Options

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Eager to stay at one of the most luxurious St. Lucia all-inclusive resorts? From BodyHoliday near Saline Point to Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa in Eau Piquant, we’re breaking down three of our favorite choices.

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Is St. Lucia very expensive to visit?

It certainly can be. The all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia we’re covering below are among the most luxurious on the island. So naturally, they’re more expensive than some of the more casual options available on the island.

Broadly speaking, however, St. Lucia offers a good range of accommodations for most budgets. And remember: if you’re looking for something a little more down-to-earth, we can still help.

3 of the most luxurious St. Lucia all-inclusive resorts

Among the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean, if not the world, St. Lucia is a ritzy island paradise rife with opportunities for adventure and relaxation — and the best St. Lucia all-inclusive resorts capture that magic. Read on for three of our favorite choices.

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1. BodyHoliday St Lucia: an elite resort with an all-inclusive plan that extends beyond its (excellent) dining options

Image courtesy of BodyHoliday St Lucia

BodyHoliday is possibly the most unique all-inclusive resort in St. Lucia, in that it combines the indulgent nature of a luxury all-inclusive with a focus on wellness. In addition to a delectable variety of dining options, guests here can enjoy complimentary spa treatments once per day (a separate charge at most all-inclusives). 

The resort offers an incredible variety of exercise programs and weight-loss programs, too, with theme months catering to a rotating array of interests like sailing, yoga and more. 

Foodies don’t need to worry here, by the way. While a healthy diet is an important pillar of BodyHoliday, you’ll still hear things like “indulgence in moderation” and “award-winning dining” regularly.

As for the accommodations themselves, BodyHoliday doesn’t disappoint here, either. All of the rooms maintain the resort’s upscale and tranquil vibe, in style. From vintage furniture to plush beds and lovely decor, BodyHoliday pampers guests just as much as it pushes them.

Overall, this is the best St. Lucia all-inclusive resort if you’re looking for a perfect balance between health and gratification.

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2. Sandals Grande St. Lucian: a luxurious St. Lucia all-inclusive resort that leans into the Caribbean aesthetic

Prefer a more traditional luxury resort — as in, one not so focused on wellness (it’s your vacation, we totally get it)? Sandals Grande St. Lucian is a good bet. 

This St. Lucia all-inclusive resort offers over two dozen total restaurants to choose from (12 on-site, plus 15 more around the island), with options ranging from authentic local cuisine to international favorites. 

You can also learn how to scuba dive, enjoy a bevy of watersports with top-tier equipment, practice your swing at two different golf courses and so much more. Plus, after dark, the resort opens up its nightlife venues with live music and themed nights.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian also offers a degree of exclusivity, as it's set on its own mile-long beach. The rooms, suites and overwater bungalows are all fabulously furnished and include nothing short of the best amenities.

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3. Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa: a lavish, family-friendly alternative to Sandals

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa has many of the same offerings as Sandals Grande St. Lucian, but on a smaller scale and with a greater focus on family vacations. There’s a mini waterpark, kid-friendly accommodations and even unique amenities like a paintball arena. 

The resort is also a bit more convenient to travel to, as it’s only a few minutes from the nearest major airport (while our previous St. Lucia all-inclusive resorts are on the other side of the island). 

If this St. Lucia resort sounds ideal, but you’re not sold on the family-friendly aspect, Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa has a luxe, all-suites sister resort, Serenity, that’s adults-only.

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