8 Relaxing & Beautiful Hotels & All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica

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Searching for the best hotels or all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica? You’re in the right place: from bohemian beach hotels in Negril to semi-remote resorts in the hills above Kingston, we’ve got eight solid choices.

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Which area of Jamaica is the best to stay in?

Image courtesy of GoldenEye

Well, on an island as beautiful as Jamaica, it’s hard to go wrong as far as all-inclusives or resort hotels. But there are a few areas that stand out, and most of the choices below are found in Montego Bay, Negril / West End, Oracabessa and the Blue Mountains. Aside from the latter, all of these areas offer glorious beaches and lovely tropical scenery. 

Choosing a specific area often comes down to preference and budget — and we can help with either.

Which should I choose: an all-inclusive resort or a hotel in Jamaica?

Ultimately, this is a matter of preference.

All-inclusive resorts in Jamaica may be the better choice for travelers who don’t necessarily care to explore beyond the hotel grounds (outside of carefully curated experiences). All of your meals, lodging and most amenities are typically included in the package price, with premium options often available as an extra charge, like gourmet dining or drinks off the preset menu. 

“Normal” hotels in Jamaica may be the better choice, however, and offer greater flexibility. If you want to get off the beaten path and explore the best of Jamaica, for example, you don’t have to worry about wasting meal plans by eating at a (possibly more authentic) local place. 

However, some of the best hotels in Jamaica offer both all-inclusive plans and traditional options.

8 of the best hotels and all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica

Read on for a breakdown of our favorite hotels and all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica.

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1. The Caves: a gorgeous, adults-only boutique hotel in Jamaica’s West End

The Caves is a lovely, cliffside boutique hotel with a bohemian vibe and a great mix of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. For the former, there are tons of onsite water sports (i.e., kayaking off the coast, snorkeling expeditions and more) while the latter is best enjoyed at the hotel’s award-winning spa — one of the best on the island — and outdoor bar and lounge.

Fora Advisor Laura Cavanaugh says, "The Caves welcomes children ages 16 and over. However, families with younger children can book Clandestino Villa and still enjoy swimming and snorkeling at The Sands, their cliff top beach bar right next to the Negril Lighthouse."

As for the amenities, The Caves offers both traditional and all-inclusive plans when you book their Clandestino villa, granting it a rare flexibility among the best hotels in Jamaica.

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Fora Perks at The Caves:

  • Complimentary Red Table private dinner for two, 15-minute spa stress release massage for one, upgrade to next room category based upon availability.

2. Jamaica Inn: one of the top beachfront hotels in Jamaica

Made up of a series of charming beachfront cottages, Jamaica Inn is a scenic barefoot resort that’s best appreciated by travelers who simply want to lounge on the beach, watching turquoise waves crash against white sands. 

This five-star hotel is a great choice whether you’re planning a couples’ trip, solo sojourn or family vacation to Jamaica. All the rooms here are elegantly furnished without sacrificing the coziness associated with a lovely beach cottage. And like The Caves, you have the option to choose an all-inclusive or à la carte plan.

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Fora Perks at Jamaica Inn:

  • Breakfast daily, complimentary boat ride to Dunn’s River, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

3. Sandals Negril: one of the most famous all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica

Sandals actually owns several all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, but the location along the beach in Negril is among the most popular. The vibe here is less bohemian than our previous two Jamaica hotels, with a greater emphasis on contemporary luxury and design, but the island theme still reigns supreme overall. 

The room options are also pretty awesome, ranging from spacious standard rooms to massive suites decked out with a private pool, premium views and elevated island decor. And as for dining, there are nine different hotel restaurants, each offering a unique international menu.

4. Strawberry Hill: a unique Jamaica hotel high in the hills above Kingston

Want to stay at a comparatively remote hotel surrounded by a tropical forest and lush hills that are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Strawberry Hill may be the right choice for you. As it's a traditional hotel in Jamaica, you won’t find all-inclusive amenities here, but you will find authentic Jamaican dining and a relaxing spa. 

Strawberry Hill’s accommodations are among the best, too. The decor largely consists of vintage furniture with plush linens and little homages to the local region and its history. Moreover, the rooms all feature stunning views of the surrounding scenery. 

(P.S. Looking for things to do in Kingston, Jamaica? See our guide.)

Fora Perks at Strawberry Hill:

  • Welcome treats, complimentary 15-minute spa stress release treatment, upgrade to next room category based upon availability.

5. Azul Beach Resort Negril by Karisma: an alternative all-inclusive resort in Jamaica to Sandals Negril fit for the whole family

An old tour bus parked at a beach on a sunny day in Jamaica

Offering many of the same amenities as Sandals Negril, Azul Beach Resort Negril separates itself from the former by extending its resort to whole families. Likewise, Azul Beach Resort Negril is notably larger and less intimate, but no less fun to visit. 

Accommodations-wise, are similarly lavish — however, it’s worth noting that this all-inclusive Jamaica resort does embrace the island theme just a bit more than Sandals Negril, which again, feels a little more elegant in its delivery. 

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6. Round Hill Hotel and Villas: an intimate and relatively secluded upscale Jamaica hotel

A small fishing boat beached on beautiful turquoise water in Jamaica

The lone resort on the island’s Round Hill Bluff, Round Hill Hotel and Villas (literally) distances itself from most other Jamaica hotels and resorts to offer an intimate, upscale escape that’s fit for families, solo travelers and couples alike. 

In many ways, Round Hill Hotel and Villas is similar to The Caves resort. It’s small, lovely and leans heavily into Jamaica’s bohemian theme. However, this hotel adds a bit more elegance to the equation, with a larger focus on spa and wellness treatments. On the other hand, Round Hill Hotel and Villas does not offer an all-inclusive plan, which may make it a more appealing option for travelers eager to explore the island at length.

7. GoldenEye: the beautiful former home of novelist Ian Flemming, the creator of James Bond / 007

Image courtesy of GoldenEye

Like Round Hill Hotel and Villas, this Jamaica resort is not so much a hotel as it is a collection of lovely island villas, cottages and huts. Unlike Round Hill Hotel and Villas, GoldenEye offers a very unique experience for travelers. 

This Jamaica “hotel” is set on property once belonging to James Bond-creator and World War II Veteran Ian Fleming. In fact, all 13 of Fleming’s 007 novels were written on the very grounds of the property after he finished his military service. Oh, and during the war, Fleming was dispatched to the Caribbean to hunt Nazi U-boats — the name of the mission? Operation GoldenEye (which also served as the inspiration for the 007 film of the same name decades later). But wait, there’s more: Sting and Bono have both written hit songs here, cultivating a reputation for the resort among creatives.

Cool history aside, GoldenEye’s assortment of villas and huts offer an upscale authenticity that’s only further enhanced by fresh Jamaican cuisine, island vibes and leisurely water sports at Low Cay.

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Fora Perks at Goldeneye:

  • $100 food / beverage credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

8. Half Moon, Jamaica: an iconic, bespoke hotel in Jamaica offering uncompromising service & hospitality

Image courtesy of Half Moon, Jamaica

Possibly the most luxurious hotel in Jamaica, Half Moon sits on two miles of private beach in Montego Bay. 

Award-winning restaurants, the largest spa in the Caribbean and an 18-hole championship golf course are just a taste of the elite offerings at Half Moon. There is also a full equestrian center, an entire “Children’s Village” that keeps kiddos safely entertained while parents enjoy other amenities and full tennis and pickleball courts. 

World-class accommodations blend breezy island culture with opulent decor and furnishings. The result maintains a high degree of class and sophistication, while still adopting Jamaica’s famously relaxed feel. Of all the hotels in Jamaica, Half Moon’s options may be the most extensive and bespoke.

Sidenote: Half Moon also sponsors annual sea turtle hatchings in an effort to protect endangered hawksbill sea turtle numbers from predators as they start a mad rush to the sea. Guests and trained staff essentially act as a buffer between the turtles and seabirds so the turtles can safely escape.

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Fora Perks at Half Moon:

  • $100 hotel / resort credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Need more recs for hotels or all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica? Connect with Fora

There are many more hotels and all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica worth considering. If you’re itching for personalized resort recs, connect with Fora. We’ll match your preferences and budget to a resort that makes sense. Plus, we’ll hook you up with VIP perks and the best hotels in Jamaica at no extra cost.

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This article has been fact checked by Fora Advisors Kris Weir and Laura Cavanaugh, both experts on travel to Jamaica.

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