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3 Great Hotels in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Looking for the best hotels in Salt Lake City, one of the best places to stay in Utah? Our quick guide has three great options across Downtown SLC.

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What’s the best part of Salt Lake City to stay in? What’s SLC famous for?

You’ll generally find the greatest variety of Salt Lake City hotels in Central City, which includes the city’s cool downtown area. 

As for what Salt Lake City is famous for? Well, there is this lake that’s pretty salty (okay, okay) — the city is certainly one of the most unique places to stay in Utah, and not just because it’s the state’s largest (by far) urban center. Much of SLC has a cool indie vibe, with arguably the greatest variety of eateries in Utah, along with tons of boutiques, art galleries and upscale shops. Utah’s best museums — like the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (a.k.a. UMOCA) and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (or UMFA) — are found here, too.

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3 of the best hotels in Salt Lake City

Read on for a quick breakdown of three of the top hotels in Salt Lake City.

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1. The Grand America Hotel: opulent, stately and gorgeous

Image courtesy of The Grand America Hotel

The Grand America Hotel makes few if any compromises to treat its guests to unbridled luxury. Of all the hotels in Salt Lake City, this is arguably the most lavish. The decor is elegant, the furnishings are opulent and the amenities are top-tier.

There’s also an elite, award-winning spa and a bevy of delectable dining options, including The Gibson Lounge, a classy cocktail lounge. 

The hotel is found along the edge of Downtown Salt Lake City, offering the convenience of being close to the area’s attractions while offering a degree of separation that’s conducive to a quieter, more relaxing stay. The Grand America Hotel is also less than an hour away from nine different ski resorts.

2. The Little America Hotel - Salt Lake City: a lovely alternative to The Grand America

In many ways, The Little America Hotel feels like The Grand America (which is just across the street), albeit on a much smaller scale. The amenities and decor aren’t quite as lavish. And the rooms are a little less spacious, with casual furnishings versus the former hotel’s grandiose theme. 

The trade-off is that this hotel is much more affordable, which has its own merits, especially if you’ll be spending little time here. 

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3. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City: a trendy boutique hotel in the heart of Downtown

Image courtesy of Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City

One of the coolest boutique hotels in Utah, Kimpton Hotel Monaco forgoes our first two hotels’ elegant themes in favor of a contemporary design that matches the up-and-coming city it calls home. This is also one of the best hotels in Salt Lake City if you want to do some urban exploring — the hotel is located right in the heart of the city. (Want to explore like you live there? See our local’s guide to Salt Lake City.)

While the amenities aren’t quite on par with The Grand America’s, they’re nothing to balk at either. There’s no in-house spa, but there are a couple of cool dining options, including Bambara, which features a European-inspired menu and craft cocktails.

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