3 Great Hotels in Colorado Springs

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Need recommendations for great hotels in Colorado Springs? We’re covering three of our favorites, from The Broadmoor to The Lodge at Flying Horse. 

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What makes Colorado Springs a popular destination?

Colorado Springs is a bit of an underrated choice among the best places to stay in Colorado

For one, it’s gorgeous: red sandstone rock formations create a striking contrast with lush green forests and blue skies. Garden of the Gods and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo — the highest zoo in the USA — are just two great places to experience the area’s natural beauty. 

The urban experience — while definitely quieter than a big city like Denver — is pretty cool, too. In particular, Downtown Colorado Springs has plenty of great shops and restaurants to check out. 

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3 of the best hotels in Colorado Springs

Read on for a quick breakdown of the best hotels in Colorado Springs. 

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1. The Broadmoor: an elegant escape into the beautiful Colorado wilderness (sort of)

For over a century, The Broadmoor has been one of the most gorgeous and coveted destinations for both Coloradans and travelers from afar. The massive resort’s illustrious campus and location on the shores of Cheyenne Lake above Colorado Springs present the illusion that it’s far removed from civilization, when in reality, it’s only about 15 minutes outside of Downtown. And yet, the distance is enough to make guests feel like they’re in their own world. 

Featuring nearly two dozen restaurants, a full-service spa, golf courses, indoor- and outdoor pools, 20 different shops and a staggering number of opportunities for adventure — from hiking Seven Falls to archery and tomahawk classes — it’s pretty much impossible to be bored at The Broadmoor.

As for the accommodations, expect a full range of options, from opulent guestrooms to full estates — most of which boast an elegant pre-war theme and decor. Of all the hotels in Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor is easily the most expansive. And just in case you were wondering if you can bring the kiddos, The Broadmoor is indeed a family-friendly resort.

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2. Cheyenne Mountain Resort, A Dolce by Wyndham: a relaxation-focused hotel in Colorado Springs’ hills

Like The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain Resort is a hillside refuge offering lovely accommodations and plenty to do away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That being said, this Colorado Springs hotel is a bit more focused on leisurely activities and relaxation. There are still many opportunities for adventure, like white-water rafting in Bighorn Sheep Canyon, an 18-hole golf course and both indoor and outdoor pools.

Perhaps best of all, Cheyenne Mountain Resort offers a private beach area, a rarity in Colorado.

There’s also less separation between Cheyenne Mountain Resort and Colorado Springs, which may be preferable if you’re eager to explore the city in addition to sampling the resort’s many fine amenities. 

It’s also worth noting that Cheyenne Mountain Resort’s decor and design are a little more updated than The Broadmoor’s. 

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3. The Mining Exchange: a neat, vintage-themed Downtown Colorado Springs hotel

The Mining Exchange — which, don’t worry, has absolutely nothing to do with mining (but the structure it inhabits was built in 1902)— is one of the most fun and eclectic hotels in Colorado Springs. From the get-go, the hotel greets guests with an elaborate façade, while the rooms have a slightly whimsical vibe and neat, vintage-style decor. 

As opposed to our previous options, The Mining Exchange is located right in the middle of Downtown, making it an excellent choice for travelers interested in exploring the city’s museums, shops and eateries. And since the city is fairly small, adventures in the Colorado countryside and mountains are still easily accessible.

Pro tip: The Mining Exchange is only two miles from the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Facility.

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