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12 Amazing Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas (Full Guide)

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Planning a Denver bachelorette party? Fora has your back: read on for some ideas, tips and recommendations. 

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First, is Denver a good place for a bachelorette party?

Absolutely! Denver is one of the coolest cities in the United States. Unique cultural experiences, incredible opportunities to explore the Rocky Mountains, a thriving arts scene and more all make Denver an excellent destination for a bachelorette party — or any type of trip (there are some great Colorado family resorts here, too).

Denver is also heavily influenced by the changing seasons. The array of attractions and activities can vary wildly depending on when you go. Our guide to the best time to visit Colorado covers this in more detail (our Colorado September itinerary offers an example, too), but generally, late spring, summer and fall are great for checking out festivals, events and the national parks, while winter and early spring are great for snow sports and more.

12 cool and unique Denver bachelorette party ideas: what to do, where to go & more

From unique spas to exciting classes, here are a few of our favorite Denver bachelorette party ideas.

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1. Enjoy a spa day at nearby hot springs, a Denver resort hotel, or…The Beer Spa?

Denver has a multitude of spa options for your bachelorette party to sit back, relax and enjoy. 

These include luxe resort spas with a mix of traditional and contemporary treatments, nearby hot springs found amidst scenic mountainscapes and, if you’re looking for something different, The Beer Spa. Here, guests can sample a wide variety of craft beers and wines while enjoying upscale spa treatments, including a “bubbly beer bath.”

2. Take your Denver bachelorette party on a food tour through the city’s trendiest districts

Denver has the luxury of being a major metropolitan center in the middle of, well, nowhere. This lends it a small-town charm not usually enjoyed by cities of this size, which has affected many facets of Denver life — including the local cuisine. 

You’ll find an incredible variety of international and local menus to sample, particularly in Denver’s trendy districts like River North (RiNo), Lower Hightown (LoHi) and others. Your Denver bachelorette party can enjoy the food scene on a tour, or à la carte.

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3. Axe throwing, archery games, rage rooms — oh my!

There’s a lot of fun to be had in Denver that’s not readily available in other cities around the US. 

Archery dodgeball lets you shoot your friends with (rubber-tipped) arrows. Rage rooms allow you to play Thor and smash old TVs, ceramics and other breakables with a hammer. Barcades let you sip cocktails while enjoying classic arcade games. And axe-throwing venues let you — well, you get the idea. 

Any of these options are a great way to add joy to your Denver bachelorette party. And who doesn’t love smashing stuff or launching (again: rubber-tipped) arrows at your girlfriends?

4. Go wine tasting or take a brewery tour

Colorado is quickly becoming one of the US’s largest wine producers, with an emphasis on creative flavors and blends not typically found elsewhere. The same can be said of the state’s breweries. Enjoy a wine or brewery tour in Denver’s coolest districts.

5. Burlesque, comedy, drag — see a show at one of Denver’s lively venues

Denver has a ton of great venues to enjoy shows of all types. The Clocktower Cabaret is a famous location that’ll satisfy classy-yet-risqué tastes. Larimer Square’s Comedy Works regularly hosts known and local comedians. Hamburger Mary’s is well known for its drag brunches. The list goes on! 

Connect with Fora and your advisor can present you with a list of shows and performances while your bachelorette party is in town.

6. Make your bridesmaids pedal for their lives on a Pedal Hopper bar tour

Pedal Hopper tours mix two unlikely things: exercise and drinking. A “pilot” will take you and your bachelorette party around Denver’s RiNo and Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhoods to sample some of the city’s best brews and cocktails. 

7. Hit the slopes: go skiing or snowboarding

There’s no reason a Denver bachelorette party has to stay in Denver — Colorado is one of the United States’ top skiing destinations. There are a few high-end resort towns, like Vail, that will let you enjoy the slopes for a day before you ride back to town.

There’s also no reason you can’t book half of your trip in Denver, then the next half at a ski resort. Plan your trip with Fora and your advisor can give you the inside scoop on the top boutique hotels in Aspen, where to stay in Vail and even where to stay in Telluride (a relatively small destination). 

8. Check out the hottest nightclubs (a Denver bachelorette party staple)

Denver’s nightlife is phenomenal, with a slate of popping clubs and bars spread throughout the inner city. Temple Nightclub, Vinyl and Bar Standard are among the top choices, but there are plenty more that your Fora Advisor can point out. 

This might be one of the more standard bachelorette party ideas Denver can offer, but it’s still one of the most fun.

9. Get in touch with nature at Rocky Mountain National Park

You don’t have to stick to urban adventure when you throw a bachelorette party in Denver. Colorado is home to a bounty of natural wonders like Rocky Mountain National Park. The park makes for an excellent day trip from Downtown Denver, and offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and more.

10. Check out the Denver Selfie Museum (& other museums)

As the cultural hub of Colorado, Denver boasts a lot of interesting museums, pop-up exhibits and more. 

At the Selfie Museum, your bachelorette party can take selfies with all sorts of fun, artful or wacky props. 

The Denver Art Museum is another great example, showcasing works from all over the world. And there are more museums, too (just ask your Fora Advisor!).

11. See a concert at the Red Rock Amphitheatre

Just outside the city, you’ll find one of the coolest outdoor concert venues in the world. Massive rock formations set the stage (literally) for awesome acoustics while the surrounding scenery provides a gorgeous backdrop. Legendary artists like The Beatles, Radiohead and Lizzo have all performed here, and the venue continues to host world-class talent. 

12. Take classes on cooking, crafting, yoga & more

Want to learn how to pole dance? Or paint while sipping Colorado wines? What about aerial yoga? Or how to cross-stitch from a foul-mouthed grandma (their words) at her brewery?

Denver has tons of exciting, esoteric and entertaining classes you can enjoy with your bachelorette party. 

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Where to stay: the best hotels for a bachelorette party in Denver

There’s no shortage of cool and unique places to stay in Colorado’s capital. Life House, Lower Highlands and the Thompson are some of the best boutique hotels in Denver for bachelorette parties, but there are plenty more options.

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Not sure Denver is the right choice for your bachelorette party? 

Maybe you’re interested in a Utah bachelorette party instead? Or a tropical Costa Rica bachelorette party? Maybe a girls’ trip to New Orleans? Or perhaps you simply want to compare Vegas bachelorette party ideas with Denver’s. Fora can help you with all of the above.

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