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City girl bouncing from NY to Miami, with my 4lbs dog in my purse and music in my ears.

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Think about your craziest, wildest, fanciest vacation – that's what I do. Island hopping in your private helo? Done! Sunrise breakfast on top of a volcano? You got it! Want to sleep under the sea? Don’t forget to wish a good night to that dolphin! Nothing is impossible for me!

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English. French follow! Calling on Amy for a small, medium or large trip or hotel reservation makes all the difference. She makes sure to understand our needs and offers judicious and advantageous choices. Everything goes well and like magic. In addition, it provides excellent follow-up before, during and after. What peace of mind with Amy. Do you know? I now have proof: most people think they will get a better price and better choice by booking themselves through travel and airline ticket platforms. This is false, completely false. Be aware that the price is generally higher via these platforms: your money goes to the platform owners and intermediaries. The final hotel receives a lower amount/% whereas with an agent like Amy/Fora you pay less because you leave less to the intermediaries. In addition, you will be better received at the hotel, better served and will have privileges because with Fora, you are a privileged customer whereas via the platforms, you are someone who has given dollars to intermediaries rather than to the hotel. For example, the hotel will first allocate the nicest rooms to Fora guests. So, it doesn't cost more but it offers more!!! Think about it!!!

What I am looking for; cleanliness, openness, ease, services and little extras. Amy Haefeli knows this and meets my needs without costing me more. Like for example this hotel. The staff and reception are very good, combining calm and tranquility in the rooms and offering very pleasant common areas.

Amy's attention to details made this trip one of the best I had in a while!

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Advisor - Amy Haefeli

Travel Advisor

Amy Haefeli