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Why Travel Advisors Use DMC's — and Why We Love Them

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Oia, Santorini, Greece

Being a travel advisor means making a client’s travel dreams come true. To do this, we often call upon destination management companies — our "friends on the ground," as we like to say. But what exactly is a DMC?

Read on to learn more about DMC’s — and why we (Fora Advisors) love them. 

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What is a DMC?

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A DMC is a specialist in their destination; they know all the best hotels, drivers, restaurants, guides and activities. Fora Advisors work directly with DMC's (it's worth noting that DMC's do not work with travelers directly).

Think of DMC's as local, on-the-ground contacts who can arrange curated experiences and help with logistics, ensuring seamless transfers and transportation. Fora Advisors still handle all the planning and hotel selection. And even when working with a DMC, travel advisors still unlock the fabulous perks that come from working with a Fora Advisor.

When do we use a destination management company?


Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Travel advisors often call on DMC’s when a trip has more than one stop, or when transfers, tours and special activities are involved. Travel advisors also use DMCs when their travelers want to tailor a trip exclusively to their group and take advantage of private experiences.

DMC’s will arrange everything, so you (the traveler) can sit back and enjoy your trip. They will also provide a contact number should you need any last-minute changes, or have an emergency during your trip — no need to worry about time zones, since they are on-site. 

What sorts of things can a destination management company arrange?

County Kerry, Ireland

County Kerry, Ireland

Some of our favorite DMC’s can do things like handle hotel bookings, have your ferry tickets delivered to your hotel (ideal when vacationing in Greece) or curate immersive experiences you otherwise might not have had access to: luxuriate on a boat for a day on the Amalfi Coast, visit ruins with an archeologist, enjoy a hands-on cooking class at a local's home in Italy or make your own perfume while on a trip to Ireland

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    Author - Deb Swacker
    Deb Swacker

    Deb has been a Fora Advisor since 2021. She is hotel-obsessed and loves discovering new places, although she will always go back to her European favorites: Italy and Ireland.