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    We're all about empowering anyone who loves to plan travel to make meaningful revenue. Whatever your travel advising goals, we support you each step of the way.

    Building your career as a travel advisor shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. Travel advising is about people first, and one of the most special parts of travel is the human connections you make along the way. That’s why our mission is rooted in community: we're not only providing some of the best resources out there, but we're also cultivating a thriving community of colleagues and a robust support network.

    offers a flexible, engaging and community-first approach to onboarding and education.

    Read on for more on Fora's collaborative travel agent training model, and apply to become an advisor to kick off your travel career.

    What is a Fora cohort?

    A Fora cohort is a small-group setting for Fora Advisors to do bite-sized trainings in community with other advisors. By joining a cohort, advisors get access to a world-class curriculum developed and taught by industry experts who share their insider knowledge, ultimately helping advisors get all of the important information they need to best serve their clients and boost their professional development.

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    How do Fora cohorts work?

    Every new Fora Advisor is automatically added to a cohort, and can work at their own pace through a mix of live trainings, recordings and online resources. 

    Each cohort lasts one month, and advisors should expect to spend between three and five hours per week reviewing training materials. Advisors get access to a combination of live webinars, take-home assignments and office hours with industry experts. Plus, each cohort member is added to a private group in our community app, Forum, to further connect with other members of their cohort.

    What will Fora Advisors will learn?

    Cohorts are divided into three proficiency levels, so advisors can be sure to get relevant, helpful information for whatever stage of learning they’re in. 

    The beginning cohort is our Certified cohort, where advisors will learn the basics like what it means to be a travel advisor, booking mechanics and how to find your first client.

    Experienced advisors can join the Advanced cohort, where advisors will receive additional training to build their book of business, market across channels and develop more complex trips with suppliers (like tour operators and insurance). 

    Our invite-only Pro cohort helps advisors move to full-time careers, by creating a business plan and deepening their industry connections. 

    With each level completed, Fora Advisors will receive a Fora travel agent certification, boosting their credibility with clients and expanding their professional development.

    Celebrating community through our cohorts

    Fora cohorts aren’t just about giving you tips and tricks. They’re also about connecting you with the heart of the Fora network: our amazing community of passionate travel lovers from around the world.

    When you join Fora, you become part of our global web of travel advisors so that you always have help when you need it, whether that comes from the Fora HQ team, our in-house experts or other Fora Advisors who have their own travel knowledge and experience. You’ll get to know some of your biggest cheerleaders as you progress in your journey as a travel advisor, while also building your network of experts so you can better support your clients in the future. With Fora, you always have someone to lean on for planning advice, travel recommendations and even moral support through a wide web of community-first Fora Advisors.

    Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced travel advisor looking to build your business, we’re thrilled to help you learn and grow along the way. 

    Our waitlist is growing every day, so make sure you apply to join us and be part of this exciting journey.

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