Site Inspection at Virgin Hotels, Edinburgh

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Advisor - Siane Chirpich
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Site Inspection at Virgin Hotels, Edinburgh
Curator’s statement

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh's historic Victoria Street, Virgin Hotel provided an enchanting backdrop for a dreamy November honeymoon. Under the gracious guidance of Emma, the hotel manager, we explored the diverse range of bedrooms and suites, each offering breathtaking views of the nearby Edinburgh Castle. Mornings at Eve, with its delectable breakfast, seamlessly transitioned into evenings at the Commons Club Bar for Happy Hour and the Commons Club restaurant for a culinary journey. The impeccable service, luxurious amenities, and proximity to iconic landmarks made our stay a truly magical experience, leaving us eagerly anticipating a return to this unforgettable Scottish haven.

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In the heart of Edinburgh's charming Victoria Street, our November 2023 stay at the Virgin Hotel was a delightful blend of classic charm outside and modern luxury inside. The hotel, with its dreamy nighttime appearance, maintains its historic facade while boasting a cool and contemporary interior—a magical fusion of history and the present, especially when the city lights up after sundown.

Guided by the wonderful Emma, the hotel manager, and the dedicated staff, our visit turned into a captivating adventure. Emma's personal tour unveiled a variety of bedrooms and suites, each offering incredible views of Edinburgh Castle nearby. The proximity to this iconic landmark added a touch of historical grandeur, making every moment feel like a journey into the city's rich past.

The venue, Chandelier, and a Stained glass window - Siane Chirpich

Inside, the hotel surprised us with some really cool spaces. A special "secret room" caught our attention, capable of transforming into a fun karaoke spot for a bachelorette party or a classy meeting room for a work gathering. This unexpected feature added a playful touch to our stay, showcasing the hotel's commitment to offering unique spaces for different occasions.

The rooms were not only spacious and well-equipped but also bathed in natural light, creating a cozy and bright atmosphere. And, of course, the highlight was the incredible view of Edinburgh Castle from our window—a real-life postcard right outside.

Our days at the hotel followed a delightful routine, with breakfast at Eve becoming a daily culinary delight with a view. The Commons Club Bar beckoned us during Happy Hour, providing a lively atmosphere to unwind and relish the day's adventures. As the night unfolded, the Commons Club restaurant treated us to a gastronomic journey with a delicious dinner.

Beyond being a comfortable place to stay, the Virgin Hotel proved to be an excellent venue for events. Just imagine having your wedding or a major work meeting with up to 300 people. Saying your vows in a church visited by Queen Elizabeth, taking wedding photos with the castle in the background, and celebrating in a hall adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and a unique 3D printed chandelier—it's like stepping into a fairy tale that intertwines Edinburgh's history with the modern charm of the Virgin Hotel.

Secret Room - Siane Chirpich

Our stay at the Virgin Hotel was more than just a honeymoon escape; it was a harmonious blend of comfort, elegance, and warm hospitality. The combination of historical surroundings and contemporary luxury created an atmosphere that stayed with us long after we said our goodbyes. We eagerly look forward to the day when we can return and relive the enchantment of this unforgettable retreat in Edinburgh.

Need to Know

Imagine saying your vows in the last church visited by Queen Elizabeth, with the majestic Edinburgh Castle as your backdrop. Capture timeless wedding photos against the city's enchanting skyline and revel in a reception hall adorned with stained glass windows. Edinburgh is a city for all kinds of travelers, but specially for the ones in love with history, good food and Scotch. For all of that, the Virgin Hotel is the place to stay. Reach out and let me plan your vacation in Scotland!

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Edinburgh. In need of further inspiration? Check out Carol Johnston’s guide, Day Trip from Edinburgh to Fort Williams .

Advisor - Siane Chirpich

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