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Family Travel Tips
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Wisdom gained through experiences sparked by travel is one of the most important gifts you can give to your children. These family travel tips are designed to help make your next family vacation just a bit easier. You can set your family up for travel success by planning and packing wisely, and having strategies and back-up plans while you’re actually traveling. Read on for our best family travel tips on how to plan, pack and execute a great trip!

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The very best family travel tip is this: utilize a travel advisor! It’s my job to learn all I can about your family, so I can help plan a trip that is customized just for you. I can suggest destinations and activities that are family-friendly. I can recommend resorts with excellent children’s programming. And, I can make sure your hotel room is prepared with the amenities needed to make sure your family is comfortable.

If you’re traveling on a budget, try starting the planning process with flights. There are gorgeous hotels and resorts at different price points all over the world, but flight options are more limited. If you find affordable airfare to an intriguing destination, take it!

Help your kids know what to expect. Show them pictures of your hotel. Read books about your destination. Ask them about things they might like to do and see on your family vacation. The more they feel included, the more excited they will be.

Don’t over-plan! You want to leave plenty of room for flexibility in your itinerary, especially when traveling with children who may get hot, hungry, tired, bored or more interested in an activity or location than you were expecting.


Rather than giving each family member their own suitcase, consider dividing up your belongings so each person has some essentials. This family travel tip will come in handy if one of your bags doesn’t make it to your destination! No one will be completely without clothing and necessities.

If you don’t have a lot of extra room in your suitcase, consider bringing along a folding duffle bag. You never know what treasures you’ll want to bring home, and you can use the spare bag to do just that.

Pack everything you think you’ll need while in the airport. Your kids may not like the food on the airplane. The seatback screens may not work. The airline may not have blankets or pillows available. You may face unexpected delays. Be sure to have plenty of snacks, your own entertainment options, warm clothes and more in your carry-on luggage.


If you’re flying with very small children and at least two adults, consider sending one adult and any older children on to the plane during family pre-boarding to get your space set up. The other parent can stay with the younger child(ren) in the gate area until the very last minute. This minimizes the time the little ones have to stay confined in the tight space of the airplane.

A great family travel tip is to spend some unstructured time at a local playground! Download the Playground Buddy app so you can find playgrounds near where you’re staying. It will even show you what types of play equipment you’ll find at each park.

One of the best places to shop for unique and affordable souvenirs is the local grocery store! Consider letting your kids browse the snack, cookie and candy aisles to choose some treats to bring home. They may get inspired to try some new foods they see.

Never pass up an opportunity to drink water, grab a snack or use the restroom! Staying hydrated and well-fed will hopefully help keep everyone in high spirits. In some countries, public restrooms can be hard to find, or they may require payment to use. Don’t assume one will be easily accessible right when you need it.

Need to Know

While these tips are a great start, nothing replaces the expert guidance of a travel advisor! It’s my job to take care of all the details for you, and equip you with the information and advice you need to make your family trip as seamless as possible. Contact me today to start planning your next vacation.

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on family travel. In need of further inspiration? Check out Megan Steely’s trip report, Adventure Family Travel Ideas with Austin Adventures.

Advisor - Chantel Lanier

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