The Best Time to Travel to Australia

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The Best Time to Travel to Australia
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Wondering when the best time to travel to Australia is? The answer isn’t the same for every traveler. It depends on what type of weather you enjoy most, what places you’d like to visit, and what activities you hope to do during your trip to Australia. Read on for more information to help you decide.

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A Note on Australia’s Seasons

Because it is in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are opposite from the seasons we experience in the northern hemisphere. Australian summer runs from December to February, Australian autumn runs from March to May, Australian winter runs from June to August, and Australian spring runs from September to November.

Australian Summer - December to February

This is the best time to travel to Australia if you want to spend time in the sunny southern part of the country. There are many beautiful places to visit, from cosmopolitan Sydney to the lush capital Canberra to the wine regions surrounding Adelaide to the beautiful beaches of Perth. If you’re dreaming of catching a wave at Bondi Beach, exploring the wildlife on Kangaroo Island, or seeing New Year's Eve fireworks over the Sydney Harbour, summer is your season!

Tourism Australia advises that it’s the wet season in the northern part of the country. Many tourism providers and national parks may be closed in this region due to flood risks. Travelers should also note that it is both cyclone (hurricane) season in the coastal areas near the Great Barrier Reef and stinger season in the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian Winter - June to August

There are many great places to see during the Australian winter. It is the best time to travel to Australia’s northern region because it’s the dry season there. You can explore the incredible natural beauty of Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine. Hike in the national parks, go fishing, or have one of the many crocodile experiences available in the region. Make your way to the southern part of the Northern Territory to trek around Uluru and see the majestic Kata-Tjuta Domes.

If cold weather is your thing, you can head south to Victoria to catch the snow in the “Australian Alps.” Here you can ski or snowboard, go snowmobiling or snowshoeing, take a husky ride, and so much more! You could also add a stop in Melbourne to experience an AFL (Australian Football League) game.

Australian Spring - September to November and Australian Autumn - March to May

These “shoulder seasons” are the best times to travel to Australia if you’d like to have a well-rounded trip to various parts of the country. Spring in Australia brings less rainfall to most places, with warmer days and cool nights. Autumn generally has cooler days and some rain, but the weather is typically pleasant.

Early spring and late autumn are the ends of the dry season in the northern part of Australia. Tourism Australia recommends timing your visit for September or October during the spring season or May during the autumn season if you want to make the most of your time in the north.

Elsewhere in Australia, nature puts on a colorful show! You’ll see beautiful flowers blooming in spring, while autumn will bring the vibrant colors of changing leaves. These seasons are wonderful times to visit botanic gardens in many of the larger cities, or to get up to the mountains for some fresh air.

While storms are still a possibility, you can have some incredible experiences on the Great Barrier Reef. According to Tourism Australia, autumn is the end of turtle-hatching season. You can catch that in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. These shoulder seasons can also be great times to visit the islands near the reef. Consider a luxurious stay at Lizard Island, or Qualia on Hamilton Island.

When Is The Best Time For YOU To Travel To Australia?

If you’re still wondering, “When should I visit Australia?,” let’s chat! I’m an Aussie Specialist, certified by Tourism Australia to help you make the most of your time down under. We can talk through the various factors that will help you make the best decision for your trip. Fill out the contact form today, and let’s start planning!

Source: Tourism Australia

Note: If you want more specific pages for each season, here they are:

Need to Know

This guide is part of our ongoing series on travel to Australia. In need of further inspiration? Check out Jessica Rausch’s trip report, Tips from a Frequent Visitor: A Quick Reference Guide to the Australia Travel Visa.

Advisor - Chantel Lanier

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