The best Oaxaca Hotels for your next trip to Mexico

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Advisor - Amanda Bates
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The best Oaxaca Hotels for your next trip to Mexico
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Oaxaca, Mexico, is a region that really makes it's mark on your heart and memories. I had the pleasure to visit both Oaxaca City (a UNESCO World Heritage Site!) and the beach areas of San Agustinillo, Mazunte, Zipolite, while on a week long stay with my husband. The vibrant markets of Oaxaca, thriving arts, textiles and culinary scene as well as the stunning beaches, surf town vibes and Oaxaca Hotels on the coast were enough for us to fall in love with this region of Mexico and to know we want to come back and explore more!

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Our trip started with a flight into OAX airport, its decent sized airport and direct flights are available from LAX, DFW and IAH within the USA. Once getting to our Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca, we were able to go explore the city. We chose this design-forward boutique hotel as it was very central to everything we wanted to see in Oaxaca city like the Main Plaza, Santo Domingo church, Museum of Oaxacan cultures and arts and tons of cafes, bars, restaurants to wander, explore and taste. 

Our room at Hotel Los Amantes was the Junior Suite with private plunge pool and rooftop terrace. This was such a unique experience - having stairs up to the rooftop terrace from our room, in which the ceiling opens up at the push of a button, to get us to our private terrace to use the plunge pool at any time of day or night. Not to mention the views of the city and church were insane from the terrace. Truly a WIN!

private rooftop stairs

Next it was off to dinner! Having a meal in Oaxaca MUST include you tasting many local flavors and delicacies! Three things that stood out in our mind on every menu there were:

Mole: Oaxaca is the birthplace of mole, a rich and complex sauce made from a blend of chilies, chocolate, spices and more. There are various types of mole, including the famous Mole Negro and Mole Coloradito.

Mezcal: Oaxaca is Mezcal country. This distilled spirit, made from the agave plant, is deeply rooted in Oaxacan culture. Take a tour of a mezcal distillery to learn about the production process and sample different varieties of this smoky elixir.

Chapulines: Almost every menu offers chapulines, or grasshoppers, as a snack and seasoned with lime and chili. They are a crunchy and protein-rich snack that you can find in markets or street stalls. It's a unique Oaxacan delicacy you have to try when there!

food photo

Lastly, one thing not to miss while in Oaxaca is the gorgeous handicrafts and textiles. These crafts showcase the incredible skills of its artisans but also reflect the rich cultural tapestry of the region and many of these crafts and skills originated in Oaxaca, and can now only be found in Oaxaca. Here were three things I brought home with me from this trip that I still treasure to this day:

Alebrijes: These brightly colored wooden sculptures are a hallmark of Oaxacan folk art (if you've seen the Disney movie Coco, you will know how significant these fantastical creatures are to Mexican culture). Crafted from wood and intricately painted with vibrant designs, each piece is a unique work of art, and shopping for alebrijes in Oaxaca is a fantastic way to support local artisans.

Oaxacan Textiles: Oaxaca is renowned for its intricate and beautifully crafted textiles. From the famous handwoven rugs to the embroidered garments known as huipiles, you'll find a rich tapestry of colors, patterns, and traditional designs. These textiles not only make for wonderful souvenirs but also serve as wearable works of art. I can home with a gorgeous table runner that I am still in love with!

Black Pottery (Barro Negro): Known as Barro negro, artisans create elegant and shiny black ceramics, often featuring intricate carvings and designs. This traditional craft has been passed down through generations.

In addition to the Hotel Los Amantes, there are many other great options for hotels in Oaxaca to suit your style and budget. Two of these hotels are Fora partner hotels - Grand Fiesta Americana Oaxaca, Hotel Escondido, both of which I can get you perks and potential upgrades at.

Next on your itinerary (if your time allows) I would suggest heading towards the coast to the beach cities of Oaxaca. Some notable ones are Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Mazunte. I stayed in the San Agustinillo area, which is between Mazunte and Zipolite beaches - a surfer mecca! There are many adorable boutique hotels in these beach cities, one that I stayed at was called Aamori Boutique Hotel Oaxaca. With only 10 rooms (all suites) and sitting beach front, the hotel is intimate and relaxing. This hotel is adults only and was the perfect location for our time in the Mazunte area. There are many huts on the beach where you can arrange surfing lessons or rent a board and a walk to Mazunte beach will only take 15 mins, and is worth it for the views. The hotels offers a restaurant, but there are many others nearby to eat at as well.

As you can see there are plenty of amazing things to see, do, experience and eat while on your trip to Oaxaca, and the many gorgeous design-forward boutique hotels in Oaxaca have all the amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable while in Oaxaca.

stones and colorful pathway

Need to Know

Oaxaca is an amazing cultural epicenter of the arts, textiles, and impressive gastronomy scene. It should definitely be considered on your next trip to Mexico as a stand alone destination, or as an easy itinerary addition from Mexico city, San Miguel Allende, or other stops in Mexico.

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Mexico. In need of further inspiration? Check out Jennifer Adkin’s trip report, Melia: Relaxing All Inclusive Hotels in Cozumel.

Advisor - Amanda Bates

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