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Why You Should Work with a Puerto Rico Trip Planner

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You might be tempted to go rogue and plan your own Puerto Rico vacation, but you could be missing out on some serious perks and upgrades. There are great advantages to working with a Puerto Rico trip planner (otherwise known as a Fora Advisor). Here are just a few of the top reasons!

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A Puerto Rico trip planner has all the insider info you need for a perfect trip

Whether you’re planning a Puerto Rico bachelorette party or looking for all the best things to do in Puerto Rico with kids or general family-friendly activities in Old San Juan, an advisor has the inside scoop to take your trip to the next level. How so, you ask?

Fora Advisors can hook you up with amazing hotel perks and upgrades

First and foremost, Fora travel advisors have partnerships with hotel and other travel suppliers to unlock top-of-the-line perks and upgrades in Puerto Rico. What's more, these VIP benefits are always free. 

Advisors know all the best places in Puerto Rico to visit

Puerto Rico trip planners, like our Fora Advisors, are true experts. They know these destinations well because they’ve explored them inside and out. Likewise, they know all the best places to stay in Puerto Rico as well as the places that you can skip. 

From day trips from San Juan to adventuring in El Yunque National Forest, the experts have you covered.

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…So they can help you build your dream Puerto Rico travel itinerary

Of course, knowing all the best places to visit gets an advisor (and you) only so far. A Puerto Rico trip planner also helps you with the logistics (i.e., how and when to get to point A, B or C). 

For example, if you're dreaming of a romantic getaway to Puerto Rico that includes a surfing day, your Fora Advisor can help you plan the nuts and bolts so you can focus on having fun. 

Best of all, Fora Advisors tailor your trip to your preferences

Fora Advisors help you build a trip around your preferences – there’s no agenda here. Want to check out all the cool things to do in Old San Juan or indulge in Puerto Rico’s local vegetarian food? Your Puerto Rico trip planner is there to help.

Working with a Fora Advisor doesn’t cost more

We hinted at this, but it’s true: with few exceptions (for airfare and premium events) there’s no extra charge for working with a Fora travel advisor

Our Puerto Rico travel planners earn commissions from hotels. The hotels are happy because they have guests, our advisors make a little side cash, and you get to enjoy the awesome perks. It’s a win-win-win!

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Puerto Rico trip planner FAQs

Switching gears, here are answers to a few questions our Puerto Rico trip planners tend to receive during the booking process.

How many days do I need in Puerto Rico?

It really depends. If you’re only interested in exploring San Juan (see our guide), two or three days should be sufficient. If you're interested in all the most adventurous things to do in Puerto Rico, you’re going to need a lot more time.

Our take: book your trip with Fora and your advisor will help you balance your time so you know exactly how many days you need.

What month is good for visiting Puerto Rico? When’s the best weather?

The best time to visit Puerto Rico really doesn't exist. The weather’s great year-round and there’s plenty to do, so it depends on what activities you want to take part in.

How much money do you need to take a trip to Puerto Rico? Are US dollars accepted in Puerto Rico?

First: yes, American currency is accepted in Puerto Rico (the island is a US territory). 

As for how much money – again, we suggest connecting with Fora. Puerto Rico is fairly affordable but the activities you’re interested in will have a big role in determining cost. For example, eating and drinking your way through Old San Juan’s incredible nightlife is probably going to cost a bit more than day excursions into El Yunque Forest (which are free, sans transportation costs and any extras). 

Do I need a car to get around Puerto Rico?

If you’re staying put (like at a beach resort), probably not. Public transportation in Puerto Rico is pretty decent, and a lot of attractions are walking distance from one another. However, if you’re trying to visit several cities (like a trip from San Juan to Vieques) or niche destinations, you’ll probably want to rent a car. And undoubtedly, a Puerto Rico trip planner can help with that too.

Ready to plan your trip to Puerto Rico? Connect with a Fora Advisor

Don’t sleep on your Caribbean vacation! Connect with Fora and your advisor will help you with everything from bookings to insider tips on the top places to visit. And for even more inspiration, check out our guide to the most unique places to stay in Puerto Rico.


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