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The 8 Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico with Kids

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Excited to visit Puerto Rico but unsure if it’s right for the whole family? Then let us ease your mind with eight of our favorite things to do in Puerto Rico with kids.

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First off, is Puerto Rico actually a good place to go with kids?

Undoubtedly! Puerto Rico is safe, beautiful and without a doubt, exciting for children — especially so for children who love outdoorsy adventures. (Also check out our guide to the most unique places to stay in Puerto Rico.)

It also happens that all the best times to visit Puerto Rico coincide with most children’s summer and winter breaks.

The 8 best places and things to do in Puerto Rico with kids

Let’s get right to it: here are the 8 best things to do in Puerto Rico with kids. And remember, booking with Fora means free upgrades and perks galore, so you can splurge elsewhere.

1. Snorkel at Puerto Rico’s famous beaches

Puerto Rico’s entire shoreline could be considered a natural wonder. And what kid doesn’t love finding tiny crabs, fish and other sea critters in the nooks and crannies beneath the waves?

Many of the world’s top beaches call Puerto Rico home, and there are simply too many to namedrop here. However, virtually every Puerto Rican beach features pristine waters for snorkeling (and for more advanced swimmers, scuba diving too).

Our guide to exploring Puerto Rico is a good place to start — but again, a quick chat with an advisor can help you narrow down the best beaches if you’re unsure where to begin.

2. Fly a kite at Castillo San Felipe del Morro (and explore Old San Juan)

Within the massive walls at the San Felipe del Morro fortress, you’ll find a colossal plateau perfect for flying kites. In fact, it’s a rare sight when the skies of El Morro (as the locals affectionately call it) aren’t brightened by dozens of colorful fliers. 

Of course, visiting the castle itself is also among the more exciting things to do in Old San Juan (with or without kids, but we have a family-friendly guide too). There’s a rich history in San Juan to explore, not to mention tons of ice cream shops and unique storefronts filled with locally made trinkets.

And for more ideas, why not check out our guide to exploring San Juan?

3. Kayak in a bioluminescent bay

Easily one of the most magical things to do in Puerto Rico with kids, kayaking through a bioluminescent bay seems like something that could only happen on a faraway planet. Even perpetually unimpressed teens will marvel at the sight.

Bioluminescent algae glow brightly beneath the waves for an experience that’s unparalleled in the world. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting Puerto Rico.

In particular, Mosquito Bay off the coast of Vieques is among the best places to visit in Puerto Rico to see the bioluminescent phenomenon.

4. Hike to the waterfalls in El Yunque National Forest

If you’re looking for day trips from San Juan to enjoy with the kids, visiting El Yunque National Forest is a great choice. 

The park is one of the few subtropical rainforests in the United States. Hiking the many trails at El Yunque reveals hidden waterfalls and swimming holes surrounded by unspoiled greenery. 

And if you want to get the lowdown on the coolest landmarks within the forest, connect with Fora to customize your trip today.

5. Observe the wildlife at a Puerto Rican Nature Reserve

From observing hatching sea turtles to exploring rare bird-watching opportunities, Puerto Rico is abundant with wildlife. Again, we go back to the “what kid doesn’t love seeing wildlife in the actual wild?” There aren’t many places in the world where kids can swim feet away from sea turtles.

Our Puerto Rico nature guide provides a good starting point, but your Puerto Rico trip planner can offer more personalized tips for finding nature reserves that best fit your itinerary.

6. Visit the Arecibo Observatory

The Arecibo Observatory was the world’s largest radio telescope for the better half of a century before it was decommissioned in 2020. However, visitors can still learn about the observatory’s previous (and future) work uncovering the cosmos at the Ángel Ramos Foundation Visitor Center.

True enough, not everyone will get a kick out of seeing the old telescope (especially considering the unfortunate lack of aliens and spaceships), but the observatory and visitor center offer great learning opportunities for more science-minded kiddos.

Alternatively, Arecibo Observatory also happens to be where James Bond saved the world (again) in GoldenEye

7. Explore Rio Camuy Cave Park

One of the (literally) darker things to do in Puerto Rico with kids, visiting the Rio Camuy Cave Park offers another otherworldly experience that most kids can’t experience at home. Guided tours will take you underground through a cave system thought to extend for dozens of miles. 

8. Hang on for dear life at the Rainforest Zipline Park

If your family is looking for adventurous things to do in Puerto Rico, it doesn’t get much more adrenaline-fueled than ziplining through half a mile of rainforest. 

Near Rio Grande, Rainforest Zipline Park boasts several zipline trails through the serene thicket of El Yunque National Park. Alternatively, the park also features an adventure trail where you can zipline, rappel, swing and “surf” through the forest.

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