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Did Someone Say Spa Getaway? 6 Incredible Wellness Retreats to Visit

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These days, we could all use a little self care. And while the concept of ‘wellness’ means something different to everyone – be it a fitness bootcamp or a beachside massage (we don’t judge) – a wellness retreat for your next vacation is never a bad idea.

But where to choose? From Malibu to Mexico, there are a number of extra-special resorts that serve up wellness programs on a silver platter. I'm talking glorious surroundings, luxurious accommodations and five-star service, coupled with world-class fitness programs, expert-led classes, and once-in-a-lifetime spa treatments.

To narrow your search, here's a few all-time favorite wellness resorts, each with its own niche. From a family-friendly spa retreat in the German Alps to a sleek wellness clinic in Spain, these spa hotels come with some great perks when you book with a Fora travel advisor.

Best for a little bit of everything: Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa


Image courtesy of Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa

With oasis-like wellness retreats in the Berkshires (an easy escape from a destination like New York), Arizona and Austin, the award-winning Miraval is regarded as the gold standard of luxury wellness. Why, you ask? Because Miraval truly offers something for everyone, with programs geared towards every type of wellness-seeker – from fitness fanatics to couples looking to reconnect.

Customized wellness itineraries are based on each guests’ set intentions, and include a fantastic variety of experiences (think a floating meditation session and crystal therapy followed by zip-lining, breathwork and a ‘conscious cooking’ class, as well as your classics like massages and facials). But don’t worry, there’s tons to do at the resorts beyond high-key wellness activities, including exploring the majestic landscapes by bike, on foot or simply from the infinity pool. 

Fora Perks:

  • $100 resort / hotel credit.

  • Breakfast buffet daily for two guests per bedroom.

  • Upgrade at time of booking & extended check-in/out, based upon availability

Best medical spa: SHA Wellness Clinic

Honorable mention for best medical spa: Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland


Image courtesy of SHA Wellness Clinic

Before the term ‘medical’ deters you, remember that the concept of wellness starts and ends with health – think of medical spas as the more sophisticated, advanced (and, in many cases, more luxurious), upgrade to your typical spa experience. Located on a mountainous stretch of coastline in Spain, SHA Wellness Clinic is a retreat center that is just as luxurious as it is legit, with medical experts on staff to deliver advanced therapies like regenerative medicine, cognitive therapy, nourishing experiences, immunity treatments and cosmetic procedures.

In addition to top-notch spa treatments (like the ‘red carpet facial'), the wellness program also includes nutritional cooking classes in the impressive demo kitchen. And cascading infinity pools overlooking the Mediterranean are of course worth a mention.

Fora Perks (SHA):

  • $100 wellness credit, per booking, for additional Wellness or Spa Treatments.

  • Upgrade at time of booking & extended check-in/out, based upon availability.

  • For bookings in our exclusive Presidential, & Royal Suite & Residences, guests may additionally choose one of the below options:

    • Complimentary private access to the SHA Cinema for private session

    • OR one-hour private entrance in the SPA & Wellness Area (from 9 pm to 10pm, subject to availability during your stay)

    • OR SHAmadi Tea Degustation

Best for a bootcamp experience: The Ranch at Malibu


Image courtesy of The Ranch at Malibu

Of course, sometimes you need a no-BS approach to your wellness experience. If you’re looking to trim your waist or get in shape, the award-winning Ranch at Malibu is a cult favorite for its bootcamp-style workouts and glorious California setting. Days consist of challenging hikes, daily yoga classes, fitness classes, meditation sessions and holistic wellness lectures, coupled with plant-based meals at a strict 1,400 calories a day. But don’t worry, it’s plenty luxurious: guests are awoken to the sounds of Tibetan chimes in their plush cottages each morning (this is Malibu, after all) and receive spa treatments like massages and IV therapy during their stay.

Fora Perks:

  • A complimentary 50 minute massage for up to two people, per room.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Extended check-in/out, based upon availability.

Best for cultural immersion: Chablé Yucatan


Image courtesy of Chablé Yucatan

For wellness-seekers in search of a little more than a massage on the beach, Chablé Yucatan is one of those special places you have to see to believe. Set amongst sacred cenotes in the lush Yucatan jungle, the rejuvenating luxury resort invites guests to fully immerse themselves in ancient Mayan mysticism and wellness practices. Here, self-care could mean a healing ceremony performed by a Shaman, a chakra-balancing ritual or a ‘temazcal’ treatment in a traditional steam house or a sound healing session with Tibetan Bowls.

But Chablé is not all about holistic wellness, mind you, as a golf course, hyper-local cuisine and sleek casitaswith plunge pools also beckon. And yes – Chablé checks all of the boxes for your must-do wellness retreat activities, including spa services and daily yoga classes.

Fora Perks:

  • $100 resort / hotel credit.

  • Breakfast buffet daily for two guests per bedroom, served in restaurant.

  • Upgrade at time of booking & extended check-in/out, based upon availability.

Best for a family-friendly spa vacation: Schloss Elmau


Image courtesy of Schloss Elmau (© Schloss Elmau)

Epic landscapes, multiple spas, countless children’s activities… this wellness retreat might be the ultimate life hack for families. Located in the Bavarian Alps outside of Munich, Germany, Schloss Elmau feels like several resorts in one, between its top-notch restaurants, outstanding children’s programming (soccer camp, literature workshops) and world-renowned wellness offerings so that you can prioritize your well-being.

Guests can take part in expert-led Pilates or yoga retreats and indulge in pampering treatments at the six (yes, six) serene spas, where therapies ranging from Ayurveda to aromatherapy are offered. When not relaxing in the Finnish sauna or authentic Japanese onsen, you can simply admire the Alpine scenery from the seven outdoor pools, all of which are heated year-round

Fora Perks:

  • $100 resort / hotel credit.

  • Breakfast buffet daily.

  • Upgrade at time of booking & extended check-in/out, based upon availability.

Best for a detox: Canyon Ranch

Honorable mention for best detox retreat: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, California 


For those looking for a reset – be it a full-body detox or a new approach to weight loss –  there are few better places than Canyon Ranch, a beloved wellness retreat in Lenox, Massachusetts. Located in a historic New England mansion framed by the Berkshire Mountains, this five-star resort has been a bucket-list spa resort for decades, and for good reason. Their facilities are impressive and plentiful (a running track, ropes course, tennis courts, multiple fitness class studios) and their nourishing spa treatments range from detox acupuncture to Ayurvedic medicine to personalized consultations on well-being.

Fora Perks (Canyon Ranch):

  • $100 equivalent service allowance utilized during stay.

  • Breakfast daily, served in restaurant.

  • Upgrade at time of booking & extended check-in/out, based upon availability.

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