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Why You Need a Norwegian Cruise Line Travel Agent

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Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Spoiler alert: travel advisors book way more than hotels. (Although you know we love hotels.) And when you’re embarking on a cruise, it’s best to enlist the help of a cruise travel agent (a.k.a. Fora Advisor).

And if your heart is set on Norwegian Cruise Line, we’ve got your back. (Check out our favorite Norwegian Cruise Line Miami itineraries for some travel inspiration.) NCL has been in the cruise travel industry for over half a century. In other words, it knows what it’s doing.

All that experience also means NCL’s fleet of cruise ships is quite large, as is its range of destinations (the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, Europe, New Zealand...). There are also a lot of nitty gritty details that go into selecting, planning and getting the most out of your cruise vacation. That’s where Fora comes in.

Our Fora Advisors can take care of all the logistics and heavy lifting (including travel insurance!), so you get to focus on the fun stuff — and just relaaax (pro tip: don’t miss Norwegian’s spas). In other words, leave the planning — and stress! — to us.

Read on for our top reasons of why you should use a Norwegian Cruise Line travel agent (a.k.a. Fora Advisor). Then, connect with Fora to plan and book your NCL cruise today.

Cruise travel agents help narrow down your options

Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Suffer from decision paralysis? We’ve been there, and we know it’s not fun. Luckily for you, our Fora Advisors can take away all the stress that comes with choosing the ideal itinerary for you and your fellow travelers. (Norwegian Cruise Line cruises cater to families, couples, solo travelers — you name it.)

Fora Advisors listen to what you’re dreaming of, and ask about your travel preferences and past vacations — both good and bad — so they can get an idea of what would make your cruise getaway memorable, seamless and fun.

Additionally, because they have familiarity with NCL’s fleet, our advisors will be able to suggest a ship that best suits your vibe and style. Also, some itineraries are only available during certain times of year, or only embark from certain ports (the options for cruises leaving from Florida, say, differ from those that embark from California, which differ still from those departing out of New York). Norwegian Cruise Line travel agents will let you know which itinerary makes the most sense for you.

So if you can’t decide whether you should head to the Bahamas or Mexico, Italy or Africa, Asia or Australia, our travel agents have your back.

Norwegian Cruise Line travel agents help navigate the logistics

Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

From providing pre-cruise transportation tips to ensuring you arrive at the appropriate port on time, Fora’s cruise travel agents help you get from point A to B.

Many travelers also enjoy extending their trip before or after their cruise. Fora Advisors can help with that, too. Early morning departure from Miami (one of NCL’s most popular ports)? Maybe spend a few days in the city beforehand. Our NCL advisors will help plan and book your stay at some of the best hotels in Miami (or anywhere) — annddd unlock VIP perks and benefits, of course.

Cruise travel agents help you get the most out of your time, on- and off-board

Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Because Fora Advisors are also Norwegian Cruise Line travel agents, they know the ins and outs of the company, their ships, specialty dining options, staterooms, entertainment venues, onboard amenities...You get the idea. Translation? You get valuable insider tips and can rest assured knowing you’re spending your time on the most worthwhile amenities.

NCL travel advisors also often have access to exclusive deals, special cruise fares, onboard credit and other goodies, which they can then extend to you.

One of the many highlights of Norwegian Cruise Line vacations is their shore excursions. These brief on-land sojourns are opportunities to explore different ports of call, and to get the feel of a place, from charming cities in Canada to tropical beach towns in the Caribbean. When you embark on an NCL cruise, you’ll have several shore excursion opportunities, but again, each one is quite short (usually a day at most).

Yet another incentive of using an NCL cruise travel agent: getting the most out of your precious shore excursions. Fora will suggest what you should see and do (or not see and not do) at any port of call, and help plan and book the ideal activities (or lack thereof) based on your preferences. Maybe you’d prefer to explore a city’s many museums, or perhaps lounging on the area’s best beach sounds better. Or maybe there are great hiking trails or different historical sites you’d like to explore. Regardless, Fora eliminates the need for FOMO. We optimize your trip for you.

Ready to travel? Connect with Fora to plan and book your dream NCL cruise today.

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