The 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Mexico

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If you’re traveling to Mexico, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to gorgeous cities to explore.

From the architectural marvels of Mexico City to the thriving nightlife and sunny beaches of Acapulco, here are five of the most beautiful cities in Mexico you absolutely can't miss.

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1. Mexico City

Mexico City is a feast for the senses: Mexico’s capital and largest city is a melting pot of European and Mesoamerican architecture and culture.

Just outside the Baroque and Neoclassical facades that line many of Mexico City’s streets, you’ll find the ominous and grandiose ruins of ancient Mesoamerican Empires. All the while, art museums and murals painted by famous painters like Diego Rivera are a common sight throughout the city.

If you're interested in cultural immersion in Mexico City, we've got a guide on the best of CDMX.

There are also so many things to do in Mexico City. The food is world-class, the art rivals the best European collections and the nightlife is booming (so if you’re looking for things to do in Mexico City for young adults…). 

Sidenote: Zona Rosa offers the best in gay Mexico City travel with loads of LGBTQ+ friendly bars, clubs and karaoke.

2. Puebla City

With a glistening skyline situated at the base of the Cuetlaxcoapan Valley and a singular take on Mexican Baroque architecture, Puebla earns its place among the most beautiful cities in Mexico. 

The city’s annual Cinco de Mayo festival — the largest in the world (since Puebla was the site of the original Cinco de Mayo events) — is a whirlwind of colors, street food and parades. People from all over the world attend, making the celebration one of Mexico’s largest.

If you’re planning a long weekend in Mexico City, Puebla is absolutely worth a visit (and by the way, be sure to check out our other day trips from Mexico City).

3. Guanajuato City

Vibrant, narrow streets filled with colonial-era structures wind their way through Guanajuato City, which is split by the Guanajuato River and built into the surrounding mountain ranges. The grand view shows a city built into nature yet decidedly urban. 

Like many of Mexico City’s hippest neighborhoods, Guanajuato has a lot to offer in terms of cultural immersion, but its biggest appeal may be the old mines and mummies (we’re dead serious — sorry, we couldn't resist).

The uniquely beautiful museum explains the history of the mummies and allows visitors to approach the former residents of the city who are now protected behind glass panes (crazy fact: before the 1970s, you could take home pieces of the mummies as a souvenir.). 

4. Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City is one of the most unique places to visit in Mexico because of the natural green stone used to build many of the city’s colonial-era homes and cathedrals. 

Stone streets and Neoclassical architecture make Oaxaca right out of Western Europe — if it weren’t for the imposing Zapotec and Mixtec archeological sites announcing the city’s strong Mesoamerican heritage. 

Family-friendly adventures to Oaxaca offer an experience nearly as diverse and exciting as the many attractions and landmarks in Mexico City (although there probably are more things to do in Mexico City at night).

Oh, and the luxury hotel scene also rivals many of the best hotels in Mexico City, too.

Check out our guide on family-friendly adventures to Oaxaca.

5. San Luis Potosí City

The City of San Luis Potosí is a newcomer to the country's thriving tourism scene but no less deserving of being featured on this list of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. 

San Luis Potosí features plenty of gorgeous colonial architecture but doesn’t have the same art history as Mexico City or the historical significance of Puebla. What the city does have, however, is a burgeoning culinary scene. Its newer development means there are still many natural and colonial wonders to explore in the surrounding areas — like Gogorrón National Park and the Sanctuary of the Desert.

If you're interested in food and local immersion, we've got a guide on local vegetarian food, art history and culture in Mexico City.

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