How to Travel Between Islands in Hawai‘i

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    From bucketlist-worthy Oahu to the natural splendor of Molokai, many wonder: is there a way to see all the Hawaiian Islands in a single trip? We've got you. Read on for the complete guide on how to travel between islands in Hawai‘i

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    First, is island hopping in Hawai‘i worth it?

    Yes and no. Each island absolutely offers a unique, amazing experience. However, if you’re only spending a couple days in Hawai‘i, you might want to stay put — otherwise, you may spend more time traveling between the islands than actually enjoying them. 

    On the other hand, if you’re going on a five- or six-day adventure in Hawai‘i, you might be able to visit at least a couple islands without hyper-condensing your itinerary. Still, seeing all the islands and what they have to offer is only possible if your timetable is measured in weeks. Otherwise, you’ll likely miss out on some of Hawai‘i’s best places to visit

    The best way to travel between the islands in Hawai‘i: by plane

    Flying is the best way to get from one island to another. We won’t say it’s cheap to island-hop by plane, but the other options either mandate your schedule (like a cruise), limit where you can visit or simply aren’t cost-effective or timely.

    All the major islands have airports (but Oahu is the hub)

    All the best places to stay in Hawai‘i are near airports. But most air travel goes through Honolulu on Oahu, the urban center of Hawai‘i. 

    Oahu offers direct flights to all eight major islands, but you can’t always fly direct from one of the less developed islands to another. This can really bloat your travel times (but working with an advisor can cut down on this).

    Sidenote: if you’re planning on spending time in Oahu, check out the best area to stay in Oahu guide and our local's guide to the best of the island, or go beach hopping in Oahu instead.

    How much does it cost to fly from island to island?

    Generally, inter-island flights cost between $50–$100 per one-way ticket. If you want to visit multiple islands, those totals add up.

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    How long does it take to travel between Hawaiian islands by flight?

    Most trips take about 45 minutes or less. But between security, baggage, potential delays and so on, it could take up to four or five hours to get from one island to the next. 

    Other inter-island travel options

    If you don’t want to take a plane to the other islands, you still have choices. Here are the other ways to travel between the Hawaiian Islands.

    Some tours offer day trips to other islands by helicopter

    Day trips by helicopter are expensive, but oh-so-worth it if you want to do something unique and adventurous. 

    There’s no better way to get such a picturesque view of the islands. Plus, you’ll get a great vantage point to admire Hawai‘i’s unparalleled scenery. Among the top options: flyovers on the Big Island through Volcanoes National Park.

    There are cruises that stop at each island

    Some Hawai‘i cruises will take you to all (or most) of the major islands. More often than not, you’ll get to spend a day or two on each island before moving on. 

    It’s actually one of the more economical ways to travel between the islands in Hawai‘i, but the downside is that you’re unable to travel at your own pace. For example, if you want to spend an extra day or two on Oahu, arguably the best Hawaiian island for families to explore, you’re beholden to the cruise schedule.

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    You can also take a ferry from Maui to Lanai

    Lastly, if you’re enjoying an adventurous Maui getaway (or a relaxing ), you might consider a sojourn to Lanai, one of the most exclusive islands in Hawai‘i, by ferry. The trip costs around $30 per ticket but the hour-long voyage might be worth it for the ocean views alone. (Also check out our guide to the most unique places to stay in Maui.)

    Plus, the ferry terminal is only a short drive from some of the best places to stay in Maui. 

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