Why You Should Work With a Hawai‘i Travel Planner

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    Planning a vacation to Hawai‘i? We've got a travel hack to unlock VIP perks and insider intel, all at no extra cost to you.

    Working with a Fora Advisor is like having a friend on the inside. Plus, it gives you exclusive access to benefits you won’t find when booking alone. Still unsure? Check out the best reasons to work with a Hawai‘i trip planner below.

    Connect with Fora to get matched with an advisor and start planning your trip to Hawai‘i today. 

    Reasons to work with a Fora Hawai‘i trip planner

    Whether you’re spending a week in Oahu, enjoying a luxurious night in Lanai or island-hopping for a month, working with a Hawai‘i travel planner is the best way to maximize your trip. Here are a few of the advantages of working with a Fora Advisor.

    Fora Advisors have the inside scoop and an endless supply of Hawai‘i travel tips

    Your Hawai‘i trip planner (aka a Fora Advisor) is a true travel expert. They know all the best places to visit in Hawai‘i, from the most beautiful beaches to the top shopping spots and more. 

    Interested in exploring the volcanic landscapes of the Big Island, for example? A Fora Advisor can tell you where to stay on the Big Island, help you arrange transportation and hook you up with epic accommodations for your Big Island adventure.

    Connect with Fora to get matched with an advisor and start planning your trip to Hawai‘i today. 

    Of course, knowing the best places to stay in Hawai‘i is only half the battle. Great Hawai‘i trip planners will have you eating like a local (check out our Hawai‘i foodies guide and our local's guide to the best of Oahu) and catching waves on Hawai‘i’s most iconic beaches, too.

    They know the best time to visit Hawai‘i for X, Y or Z

    Because of Hawai'i’s incredible year-round weather, there generally isn’t a best time to visit, unless you’re looking for something specific, like surfing (the best waves occur in winter, but it varies by beach).

    Connect with Fora to get matched with an advisor and start planning your trip to Hawai‘i today. 

    Fora Advisors help build a trip within your budget

    Hawai‘i is remote, so visiting is expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits. Hawai‘i travel planners assist travelers of all styles to create amazing vacations without breaking budgets. It’s a worry-free experience.

    Plus, booking through a Fora Advisor unlocks money-saving perks. And on that note…

    They can hook you up with awesome, VIP perks and hotel upgrades

    The best benefit of booking through one of Fora’s Hawai‘i trip planners is the perks. Fora Advisors have an in with top hotel managers, so they can score awesome extras, like dinner vouchers, spa tickets and more, all on your behalf.

    And, with few exceptions, this service costs the same as booking alone.

    Hawai‘i vacation FAQs (that a trip planner can help with)

    There’s no substitute for speaking to a Hawai‘i travel planner, but here are a few answers to questions that our Hawai‘i advisors commonly receive.

    Does Hawai‘i still have COVID-19 travel restrictions?

    No, though Hawai‘i’s official travel advisories are updated by the state government regularly. However, a Fora Advisor can keep you in the loop while booking your trip.

    Which island is the best to visit for your first trip to Hawai‘i?

    Each island offers a unique and exciting variety of sights and attractions. So, the best Hawaiian island to visit for the first time depends on what you want to do. 

    Oahu boasts the most diverse mix, which probably makes it the best Hawaiian island for families (there’s a lot of bucket list-worthy stuff on Oahu). But others may prefer the less developed islands. As always, an advisor can match your desired atmosphere to the island that exemplifies it. 

    How many days in Hawai‘i is enough? How many islands should you visit? 

    Again, it depends. Hawai‘i travel planners say each island deserves at least a few days of exploring. But splitting time between several islands is doable. 

    As for how many islands you visit, it’s up to you (and your wallet). You can totally party all night in Oahu for a few days then kick back and relax in a Maui resort for the remainder of your trip. 

    Not sure where to start or how to travel between islands in Hawai‘i? Let your Fora Advisor take care of the logistics so you can focus on kicking back in the tropics.

    How much does a trip to Hawai‘i cost, on average? When’s the cheapest time to visit?

    Generalizing costs doesn’t do anyone any favors, but it’s safe to assume that a Hawai‘i getaway is going to cost more than your average weekend soirée. The good news: transparency is a cornerstone of Fora, so we’ll make sure when you book with us that you’re well aware of the total costs in advance. 

    As for the cheapest time to visit, fall and spring are your best bets. But you’ll want to speak with a Hawai‘i travel planner to hone in on your ideal vacation windows.

    Side note: certain islands are more expensive than others. For example, the best area to stay in Maui may be cheaper than the best area to stay in Kauai, purely because Maui is more connected to the outside world. 

    How early should you book your trip to Hawai‘i?

    There’s a lot of demand to visit and stay in Hawai‘i, so the earlier you can book, the better. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck if you decide to wing a vacation. A Fora Advisor can still optimize a last-minute trip (just keep in mind that your options could be limited).

    Eager to get started? Let a Fora Hawai‘i travel planner help!

    Ready for an incredible island getaway? Connect with a Fora Advisor to start planning with expert recommendations today. Insider tips, free hotel perks and more can all be yours (for the same price as booking directly).

    Connect with Fora to get matched with an advisor and start planning your trip to Hawai‘i today. 


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