Luxury Hotels in Tokyo: Fora's Guide

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    Looking for a taste of the high life in Japan’s coolest city? We’re covering five of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo, arguably the very best place to stay in Japan for first-timers. 

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    First, what’s the best area of Tokyo to stay in? (It depends)

    We’ll be blunt: this isn’t an easy question to answer. Tokyo’s sheer size and density mean there are incredible sights and experiences around every corner. 

    Culture, entertainment, food, shopping…Tokyo has it all and more, and all the coolest neighborhoods — or wards / districts — offer a distinct experience worth checking out. Our guide to where to stay in Tokyo breaks down several of these cool neighborhoods. But if you truly want the best experience, your best bet is to plan your trip with Fora. We can help you figure out which parts of the city fit your travel preferences and budget best. 

    Chiyoda, Shinjuku & Shibuya are iconic

    All that said, here are the broad strokes: Chiyoda, in central Tokyo, is filled with stunning landmarks and points of interest like Marunouchi Square, Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art and, of course, the Imperial Palace. The eastern half of the district is populated by upscale boutiques and restaurants, along with some of the best hotels in Tokyo.

    To the west, Shinjuku and Shibuya are two of Tokyo’s most iconic districts. Both are known for their electrifying nightlife and dizzying variety of experiences, from shopping to museums and more. The latter is a bit more youthful while the latter caters to a wider audience and budget. Both are must-see destinations in Tokyo. 

    The cool thing is that you’ll find a wide range of awesome Tokyo hotels throughout each of these neighborhoods (among many others), so no matter what you choose you won’t have to sacrifice great digs.

    (Wondering when to travel to Tokyo? Check out our guide to the best months to visit Japan.)

    5 of the best hotels in Tokyo

    Read on for a quick breakdown of five of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo.

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    1. Aman Tokyo: a serene urban oasis in Chiyoda

    Image courtesy of Aman Tokyo

    Of all the ritzy hotels in the city, Aman Tokyo may be the most unique. The property blends the best of Western and ryokan-inspired elements for a singular experience right in the heart of Tokyo, with the best rooms offering a view of the formal grounds surrounding the Imperial Palace as well as the incredible city skyline. 

    Aman Tokyo embodies tranquility and elegance. At a glance, the rooms appear rather minimalistic. Yet further inspection reveals a subtle depth and quality not often seen even in the best hotels. And this is where to stay to in Tokyo if you’re looking for a tranquil retreat amidst one of the most lively cities in the world. 

    Of course, adventure is never out of reach here, and the hotel offers an exciting and fulfilling array of experiences ranging from private Iaido lessons to specially curated cultural tours of the city (see our guide to cultural exploration in Tokyo, too). Aman Tokyo also provides a worldly array of authentic dining options. 

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    (Sidenote: Aman is very well known for its unique properties in amazing destinations. For example, Aman Kyoto is one of the coolest hotels in Japan, and Amangiri tops our list of the most unique places to stay in Utah.)

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    2. Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo: a gorgeous high-rise hotel in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward

    Image courtesy of Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

    Located near the border between Chuo and Chiyoda wards, Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo boasts stunning views of the city from its lavishly adorned, high-rise rooms. Whereas Aman Tokyo takes a subtle approach to its decor and theme, Mandarin Oriental is much bolder, with sleek and vibrant contemporary decor and overt Japanese influences.

    This luxurious Tokyo hotel hosts a top-tier spa, diverse dining options — ranging from elevated Cantonese cuisine to local favorites — and expansive rooms and suites (some of which feature views of Mount Fuji, too). 

    For those worried that Chuo may be more business centric than some of the aforementioned districts, worry not. Many of the best places in Tokyo are still easily accessible from this hotel.

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    Fora Perks at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo:

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    3. Park Hyatt Tokyo: a posh, Western-style hotel in Shinjuku

    Image courtesy of Park Hyatt Tokyo

    Note: Park Hyatt Tokyo will be closed from May 2024 to May 2025 for renovations.

    Posh and sumptuous, Park Hyatt Tokyo will feel a little more familiar to discerning travelers used to Western-style luxe hotels — but not in a way that detracts from the amazing experience of staying in one of Asia’s most captivating cities. And like Mandarin Oriental, there’s a clear focus on bold, contemporary design. 

    Moreover, this luxurious Tokyo hotel is especially ideal for travelers interested in spending a lot of time in Shinjuku and Shibuya. While technically set in the former, the latter is easily accessible if take advantage of Tokyo’s almost supernaturally efficient public transportation. 

    (Want to make the most of a shorter stay in Japan’s capital? Check out our 3-day Tokyo itinerary.)

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    4. TRUNK (HOTEL): an intimate & exceptionally chic boutique hotel in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward

    Image courtesy of TRUNK (HOTEL)

    One of the coolest hotels in Tokyo, TRUNK (HOTEL) brands itself as a “socializing hotel” in which travelers from all over the world and locals can meet in an intimate environment to share stories and experiences. With only 15 rooms and suites, the atmosphere is fairly private (a rarity in a metropolis of nearly 40 million people).

    The hotel also has a bit of an indie theme that pays homage to its Japanese roots while embracing a sort of chic and youthful cosmopolitan vibe (not unlike the hotels in San Francisco or hotels in Santa Monica), which very much fits the feel of Shibuya.

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    5. The Peninsula Tokyo: a world-class hotel in Chiyoda

    Image courtesy of The Peninsula Tokyo

    Stunningly opulent, The Peninsula Tokyo is a high-class hotel just outside the grounds of the Imperial Palace, in one of Chiyoda Ward’s most coveted areas. Imperial Theatre, Hibiya Park and many other Tokyo landmarks — not to mention the ritzy shops and eateries of Ginza — are all within walking distance of The Peninsula (wondering what else to do once you’re on the ground? See our guide to things to do in Tokyo). 

    As for the hotel itself, expect nothing short of the best accommodations and amenities, with international dining options, a full-service spa, a fitness center and a massive, heated pool. The decor is sophisticated and worldly, yet bright and relaxing. Overall, The Peninsula is one of the best hotels in Tokyo.

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