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The 5 Most Unique & Coolest Hotels in Japan

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Image courtesy of Aman Kyoto

The coolest hotels in Japan provide world-class accommodations in incredible locales, like the sprawling capital of Tokyo or the shadow of Mount Fuji. And the best way to stay at the coolest and most unique hotels Japan has to offer? 

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The 5 coolest hotels in Japan, from Tokyo to Kyoto

Image courtesy of Aman Kyoto

What makes the coolest hotels in Japan so special? Each offers a unique experience inspired by Japan’s equally singular culture and architecture.

If this is your first time in Japan, be sure to check out our Japan first-timer’s guide — or our Japan regular’s guide if you visit often…you never know when you’ll encounter something new.

1. Hoshinoya Fuji: a luxe “glamping” experience at the base of Mount Fuji

Several hotels operate under the Hoshinoya umbrella in Japan — and each makes a case for being one of the coolest hotels in Japan — but only the Mount Fuji location provides stunning, up-close views of its namesake and Lake Kawaguchi. 

Found in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Hoshinoya Fuji presents an escape from contemporary life. The resort is integrated with the surrounding woods, with suites and gathering areas connected by outdoor paths. Each suite features comfortable and posh, yet simple decor — as well as gorgeous views. 

It’s also worth noting that the Mount Fuji area is one of the most unique places to visit in Japan bar none, so staying at one of the most unique hotels in Japan while you visit just makes sense. 

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2. Park Hyatt Tokyo: for breathtaking views of Tokyo & convenient access to 2 top neighborhoods

First, we should note that many of the coolest hotels in Japan are in Tokyo (check out more of the coolest hotels in Tokyo in this guide). These are some of the best places to stay in Japan.

As for the Park Hyatt Tokyo, this gorgeous hotel occupies the top 14 floors of a 52-story high-rise near the border of Shinjuku and Shibuya, two of Tokyo’s most exciting neighborhoods. Every room and suite features a beautiful view of Tokyo, and on clear nights, Mount Fuji in the distance. When you’re not exploring, you can relax in five-star accommodations or enjoy the hotel’s many dining and cocktail options.

You can’t find a much better option if you’re wondering where to stay in Tokyo near Shinjuku and Shibuya.

3. K5 (Tokyo): a dark, relaxing atmosphere make this one of Japan’s most unique hotels

Dark and broody, with a nature-meets-urban aesthetic, K5 is both unique and architecturally intriguing. The noir atmosphere offers a relaxing respite from the bustle of Tokyo, a city of nearly 40 million. 

K5 sits right next to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and only a few blocks from Chiyoda, where the Imperial Palace is. This might make K5 seem a little more business-friendly (vs. exploration-friendly) than the other options in this list, but Tokyo’s uber-efficient public transportation system easily makes up for this.

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4. Aman Kyoto: one of the coolest hotels in Japan for nature lovers (& those wanting an escape from the city)

Want to stay somewhere off the beaten path in Kyoto? Aman Kyoto presents guests with a seemingly remote, minimalist-style refuge at the city’s western edge. Not only is Aman one of the coolest hotels in Japan; it’s easily one of the most luxurious, too. This artfully designed resort blends in with the surrounding forest, with heavy natural themes juxtaposed with chic decor and furnishings.

Kyoto itself is an interesting destination as well. The city has a much more traditional aesthetic than Tokyo, yet still offers everything you might expect from a modern city. Our guide to exploring Kyoto has more. And don’t forget, when you connect with Fora, we can help decide where to stay in Kyoto if you want more upbeat accommodations.

Or, if you’re up for something completely different, Amangiri — one of the most unique places to stay in Utah — is run by the same group, offering a remote yet upscale escape in Utah’s southern desert.

5. Andaz Tokyo: a cool high-rise hotel north of Tokyo Tower

Part of the Toranomon Hills complex, which includes a metro station, the five-star Andaz Tokyo can be found a few blocks north of Tokyo Tower and a few blocks south of Chiyoda. 

Expect nothing short of excellent service, vibrant accommodations and plenty of fine dining options at the Andaz, which also offers stunning views of Tokyo’s southern and central districts. One of the most unique hotels Japan has to offer, the Andaz Tokyo is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Image courtesy of Aman Kyoto

Our list of the coolest hotels in Japan is by no means complete. There are simply too many unique hotels in Japan across the country’s awesome cities and gorgeous countryside. So don’t worry if you’re wondering where to stay in Osaka, Yokohama or anywhere else not included here.

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