The 5 Coolest Hotels in Tokyo: Your Full Guide

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    From the artful, new-age TRUNK Hotel in Shibuya to the classic luxury of the Conrad Hotel in Minato, the coolest hotels in Tokyo can be found across all of the city’s most exciting districts and neighborhoods. 

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    The 5 coolest hotels in Tokyo

    First, we should note that our guide to the coolest hotels in Japan features a few unique Tokyo hotels you won’t find below. The capital arguably tops the list of best places to stay in Japan, especially for a first-time trip to Japan (check out our Japan first-timers’ guide for more info). Tokyo definitely deserves the extra time in the spotlight.

    Nevertheless, the most unique hotels in Tokyo exhibit the best in ingenuity and design, not to mention lavish accommodations for when you need a break from exploring Japan’s special city. Read on for our favorites.

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    1. TRUNK Hotel: the coolest hotel in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood

    Possibly the most unique hotel in Tokyo, TRUNK is a social space that melds both Western and traditional Japanese aesthetics and themes. 

    All the dining and gathering areas boast exceptionally classy decor and furnishings, and are set in a way that encourages friendly conversation with other guests. This is the ideal hotel for travelers looking to meet new people from all corners of the world. 

    The rooms and suites, however, are still very much private and exquisitely equipped. 

    2. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo: a gorgeous & cool Tokyo hotel with a Pre-War, traditional theme

    Of all the coolest hotels in Tokyo, the Gajoen Tokyo is easily the most beautiful. This traditionally decorated hotel features pre-war architecture and art, plus professionally curated indoor and outdoor gardens. 

    The atmosphere is at once classy and relaxed. If you’re looking for a unique experience, at least compared to Western-style hotels, this is the ideal place to stay.

    Also: if you’re interested in Japan’s natural beauty, check out our guide to the best months to visit Japan for the cherry blossoms and beyond. Booking your stay for the right time of year will make your trip unforgettable.

    3. ONE@Tokyo: the poshest hotel east of the Tokyo Skytree

    Designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, the stylish ONE@Tokyo blends contemporary Japanese street art with influences from the Edo era. 

    You’ll find ONE@Tokyo in the northeastern ward of the city, just a few blocks from the Tokyo Skytree. The up-and-coming area isn’t as flashy as neighborhoods like Shinjuku or Shibuya, which may be appealing for travelers wanting a quieter place to unwind after exploring the city. 

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    4. Park Hotel Tokyo: one of the coolest hotels in Tokyo for art

    Found within Shiodome Media Tower, part of the Shiodome metro hub, the Park Hotel Tokyo is as artful as it is lavish. One of the coolest hotels in Tokyo for art, Shiodome can boast that virtually every corridor, and even many of the rooms, feature art from various periods of Japanese culture.

    The hotel is also relatively close to both Downtown Tokyo and Chiyoda City, where you’ll find the Imperial Palace and many other landmarks reminiscent of Japan’s traditional era. Check out our beginner’s guide to visiting Tokyo for travel ideas.

    5. Conrad Tokyo: one of the most lavishly unique hotels in Tokyo 

    Not far from the Park Hotel, you’ll find Conrad Tokyo, one of the coolest hotels Tokyo has to offer for those looking for somewhere lavish to rest. 

    This classic, five-star hotel features an aesthetic more in line with hotels you’ll find in Europe and America’s biggest cities. It’s a great place for first-timers who might be overwhelmed by the culture shock of a completely new — but wholly amazing — world (our guide to cultural exploration in Tokyo might be of help, too). Expect nothing short of excellent service and accommodations. 

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