3 Unique Hotels in Charlottesville, VA

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    Want to stay at one of the best hotels in Charlottesville, VA? Our quick guide breaks down three lovely choices that capture the spirit of this historic Shenandoah city.

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    3 of the best hotels in (& near) Charlottesville, VA

    From the historic home of President Thomas Jefferson to the lovely campus of UVA, Charlottesville is a charming Mid-Atlantic city with a rich history and relaxing vibe. (See our guide to Charlottesville if you’re wondering what you can see here.)

    Read on for a quick overview of three of the best hotels in Charlottesville, VA (or at least very close to it!). 

    1. Quirk Hotel Charlottesville: a fun & artful boutique hotel in Downtown

    Whereas our next two hotels in Charlottesville, VA embrace the city’s historic charm, Quirk Hotel exhibits the best of Charlottesville’s contemporary scene. And everything from the architecture to the hotel’s soft color palette feels fresh and new.

    In terms of amenities, Quirk Hotel Charlottesville provides plush custom furnishings, artful decor and access to a trendy rooftop café that offers views of the surrounding cityscape.

    As for location, the hotel is within a couple blocks of both the University of Virginia and the city’s historic downtown, which is home to a variety of boutiques, eateries and bars.

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    2. The Clifton: a quaint boutique hotel on the outskirts of Charlottesville

    One of a handful of boutique hotels in Charlottesville, The Clifton once served as a colonial estate before it was converted into a semi-secluded getaway. The hotel and its grounds still maintain much of their original charm, but the interior spaces have all been updated to provide a sophisticated yet cozy feel. 

    Here you can choose between individually designed guestrooms at the Manor House, quaint cottages, suites at the Livery Stables or the Collina Farmhouse, which has five bedrooms and a full slate of home amenities. 

    The Clifton also hosts a tea-room-style restaurant, a chic cocktail lounge and a private, chef-led dining experience that can be booked upon request. 

    3. Keswick Hall: a luxurious hotel just outside of Charlottesville

    Image courtesy of Keswick Hall

    Keswick Hall offers a similar setting as The Clifton, but on a much grander scale. In addition to several dozen handsome rooms and suites, there’s a golf course, a spa, tennis courts and a fitness center, among other amenities — all of which either recently opened or underwent significant renovations. 

    Whereas The Clifton offers an intimate escape for travelers, Keswick Hall is more of a luxury resort that caters to guests who want to leave behind the confines of urban life for a while to unwind amidst rural Virginia’s natural beauty. The latter is also further from Charlottesville, making it more of a self-contained destination than the former, which is about five to 10 minutes closer to the city.

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