3 Unique Hotels in Memphis, TN: Fora's Guide

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    In need of recommendations for the best hotels in Memphis, TN? Worry not! We’ve got three solid choices for you across one of the South’s most legendary music cities, each of which offers a very distinct experience. 

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    Which area is best to stay in Memphis?

    Downtown Memphis is to old-school blues and soul what Nashville is to classic country. So, by most accounts, this is the coolest area to stay in the city (and the three Memphis hotels that we’re covering are all found here). Some of the city's coolest sights are found here, too, like Beale Street and the National Civil Rights Museum.

    However, Midtown Memphis boasts an increasingly lively nightlife scene with trendy bars, shops and restaurants. It’s also home to the Memphis Zoo and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, so if you’re traveling with family or looking to explore a wider variety of things to do in Memphis, it’s a good choice.

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    3 of the best (& unique) hotels in Memphis, TN

    Read on for our breakdown of three of our favorite Memphis hotels.

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    1. ARRIVE Memphis: a stylish boutique hotel that emphasizes the city’s artistic side

    Image courtesy of ARRIVE Memphis

    ARRIVE Memphis is easily one of the coolest hotels in Memphis, TN. 

    For one, the decor is uber contemporary, but not so much in a cookie-cutter, this-looks-like-every-new-big-city-hotel way as it does in an artful, bold manner that really takes Memphis’ soul into account. The works of local artists line virtually every corridor and room while small touches like clocks that look like guitar amps give the hotel a fun, authentic feel.

    The food and drink scene here is also pretty great. There’s a quaint coffee shop that sources its beans from “ethical cultivators, harvesters and processors who believe, like you do, that coffee is more than a drink.” Bar Hustle is an elevated cocktail bar that features local drinks and bites. And both Longshot — a fun shuffleboard bar — and Hustle & Dough both boast great menus.

    Overall, if you’re looking for youthful, sophisticated digs, ARRIVE Memphis is the right choice.

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    2. The Peabody Memphis: one of the city’s oldest (& most elegant) hotels

    The original Peabody Hotel first opened in the late 1860s before it was torn down in 1925, making way for the current iteration of this historic hotel. So depending on how you look at it, the spirit of The Peabody Hotel makes it one of the oldest hotels in Memphis. 

    Likewise, throughout its elegant halls and rooms, you’ll find vintage decor alongside new furnishings that still pay homage to the hotel’s extensive past. The result feels fresh, yet still holds on to that old-timey charm.

    The amenities and accommodations have all been updated as well, and this Memphis hotel features an award-winning spa, classy dining options and…ducks. Yep. Every day, from 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., the “Peabody Ducks” hang out in the hotel lobby’s fountain (which are much friendlier than the baby alligators that allegedly populated the fountain when the hotel first opened).

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    3. Big Cypress Lodge: a unique, rustic-themed hotel within the Memphis Pyramid

    Big Cypress Lodge is far from your ordinary hotel. For one, it’s built within the Memphis Pyramid — a literal pyramid that overlooks Downtown and doubles as the world’s largest outlet of Bass Pro Shops (seriously). 

    While it may not appeal to all tastes, Big Cypress Lodge’s rustic theme is actually executed pretty well. All the furniture is handcrafted, the decor feels authentic and there are even fun touches that blend modern convenience with its countryfied theme (i.e., electric fireplaces, antique-style tubs with modern features, etc.). The best rooms boast glorious views of the city or Mississippi River, too.

    There’s also a bowling alley, a terrace bar, several on-site dining options and more.

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