The 3 Best Hotels in Anchorage, Alaska’s Largest City

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    Looking for great hotels in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest and most cosmopolitan frontier city? Our guide has three solid options near Downtown Anchorage.

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    Is it expensive to stay in Anchorage?

    Like any city, there’s a great mix of places to stay and things to do in Anchorage. But compared to, say, big city hotels in Seattle or New York, the hotels in Anchorage, Alaska tend to be more affordable. 

    Should I stay in Midtown or Downtown Anchorage?

    It depends on your plans. Downtown is generally where you’ll find many of the best hotels in Anchorage, along with the city’s best nightlife, eateries and so on. 

    Midtown Anchorage is more down to earth, which may be appealing to travelers who only need a simple base for exploring Alaska’s incredible natural beauty. (For example, Chugach State Park is only about 20 minutes outside of the city.)

    3 of the best hotels in Anchorage, Alaska

    Read on for a breakdown of three of the best hotels in Anchorage, Alaska. 

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    1. Aloft Anchorage: a cool, contemporary hotel in Midtown

    Aloft Anchorage is one of the city’s newest hotels, and it shows with its vibrant, contemporary design. In addition to spacious and artfully decorated rooms, there’s a bevy of modern amenities, including a trendy bar and lounge, an expansive fitness center and even a large indoor pool and hot tub.

    Great for adventurers and professionals alike, Aloft (while technically located in Midtown) is found near the center of the city, making it a convenient choice regardless of your itinerary.

    (Not exactly looking for a relaxing retreat? Check out our adventurer’s guide to Anchorage.)

    2. The Historic Anchorage Hotel: a lovely boutique hotel in Anchorage, Alaska

    One of the more elegant hotels in Anchorage, The Historic Anchorage Hotel may not wow like the top hotels in Downtown NYC, but it does offer a more lavish stay than the average local hotel along with a vibe best described as old-school rustic luxury. 

    Compared to Aloft, The Historic Anchorage Hotel does feel a little dated. However, all of the rooms are plushly furnished, with the spacious and homey junior suites being especially inviting.

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    3. Lakefront Anchorage Hotel: one of the city’s most luxurious hotels

    Of all the hotels in Anchorage, Alaska, this hotel may be the most luxurious. Like our previous choice, Lakefront Anchorage Hotel enjoys a sophisticated country vibe, with high-quality furnishings and decor. Unlike our previous choice, Lakefront Anchorage Hotel is the only hotel in Anchorage that provides immediate access to the city’s nearby lakes — which is doubly cool if admiring one of the world’s busiest seaplane ports amidst gorgeous natural scenery sounds like a nice time.

    There are also three on-site restaurants, all of which feature a variety of American cuisine and stellar views of the lake. 

    As for the hotel’s location, Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport is a short ride away, as is Downtown, which is only about four miles away.

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