What Makes Fora a Global Travel Agency?

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    What counts as a global travel agency — and is Fora one (yes!)?

    Interested in an awesome career in travel? Apply to become a Fora Advisor.

    (Not even sure what a travel agent does? Our guide starts from the basics.)

    First, what is a global travel agency?

    The simple answer: a global travel agency allows clients to book trips to anywhere in the world. 

    The longer answer: there are varying degrees to how much support different agencies can offer. Some — online travel agencies such as Booking.com — can make reservations and little else, while others (like us) host travel advisors around the world who can offer unlimited support, in-depth itinerary building and more.

    What exactly does a global travel agent (or advisor) do?

    No surprises here: global advisors have the capacity to book travel just about anywhere. Fora Advisors, in particular, can take advantage of dozens (and counting) global partnerships with recognizable brands to offer their clients VIP perks and status all over the world.

    Is it better to work with global travel advisors or online travel agencies?

    There’s no contest. Our guide to online travel agencies covers their drawbacks in depth, but in short, these platforms are automated systems that rarely offer the best value and are limited to making reservations (i.e., they can’t help with travel planning or if something goes wrong).

    Is it expensive to work with global travel agencies? How much does it usually cost to join?

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    Most global travel agencies tend to have outdated requirements, massively bloating how much it costs to work with them. 

    For instance, you may need to attend an expensive travel agent school prior to joining an agency, meaning you have to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your career before you ever see a return — and there’s no guarantee that the curriculum was created this century. Then you have to obtain arbitrary licenses that are not mandated by governing bodies, on top of paying standard membership fees.

    At Fora, travel agent education is part of our membership, the only cost you’ll incur with us. Currently, this only costs $299 annually or $49 monthly, a subscription that also grants you access to high-tech marketing tools and more.

    Like the sound of that? Sign up to become a Fora Advisor.

    (P.S. Our guide to how much it costs to become a travel agent covers this topic in more detail if you’re curious.)

    What’s the difference between a global travel agency and a corporate travel agency?

    Corporate travel agents and agencies exclusively focus on business travel (see jobs where you travel). Global travel agencies can cater to business or leisure.

    (Learn about all the different travel agent jobs.)

    Why do many companies outsource corporate travel management to global travel agencies?

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    Traveling the world as a professional is a lot easier when you’re able to outsource the planning to a dedicated expert. Moreover, global travel agencies — the good ones, at least — can usually score great deals and extras while also offering high-end planning services. Ultimately, this saves companies money and time.

    What makes Fora a global travel agency? 

    The fact that our travel advisors can book travel to almost anywhere in the world, support said travel through customizable itineraries and assist clients if something isn’t meeting their expectations regardless of the time zone. Plus, we have a global network of advisors, hailing from dozens of countries.

    Want to upgrade your travel business? Sign up to become a Fora Advisor.

    (What types of bookings can you make as a Fora Advisor? Check out our article.)

    What makes Fora the best global travel agency to work with?

    There are a few reasons to become a Fora Advisor in addition to the fact that our agency can facilitate global travel.

    (Want to know how to become a travel agent? Our guide covers all the details.)

    You can earn good money doing what you love

    The top Fora travel advisor salaries are nothing to balk at, but even the average Fora Advisor makes great money once they’re established. It takes time, but once you start booking trips regularly, travel agent commissions add up quickly.

    And since we’re a global travel agency, your clients may come from anywhere in the world.

    (How much do travel agents make in general? Our article covers the income of Fora Advisors and those in the profession in general.)

    You don’t need travel experience or schooling

    Anyone can become a Fora Advisor provided they love travel. We don’t require a degree or prior travel agent schooling. Nor do we expect you to be a globetrotter.

    We’ll get you up to speed, and Forum, our exclusive community app, is a wellspring of knowledge you can tap into whenever you need.

    We offer loads of awesome tools & resources, from training to our own booking platform

    This is where Fora’s value really comes into play. From expert-led travel agent training to professional marketing resources, we provide Fora Advisers with a wealth of tools, knowledge and assistance. This support is ongoing, too — we won’t just help you get off the ground; we're with you every step of the way.

    Moreover, our proprietary booking platform allows Fora Advisors to book efficiently and with confidence at nearly 30,000 hotels around the world. Of those hotels, almost 5,000 are preferred partners, meaning our advisors can score VIP perks and status for their clients, upping their travel game.

    Ready to level up your travel career? Apply to become a Fora Advisor.

    You control your travel business: make it a full-time career, a part time gig or anything in between

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    Whether you’re looking for an awesome career in travel and tourism, a part-time gig or something in between, you can plan travel with Fora. 

    While the most successful travel agent careers belong to those who put in a lot of time and effort, many Fora Advisors make great money while only booking travel for friends and family (it’s one of the best remote jobs for moms, by the way). We’re happy so long as you’re happy, and you control how your business operates.

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