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    Fora is all about ushering in the next generation of travel entrepreneurs, with a tech-enabled and proactively inclusive approach. So when we get shout-outs from industry trailblazers we’ve long admired, we can’t help but celebrate. 

    We’re thrilled to announce that Fora has received the Bessie Award for Travel Startup of the Year (check out our finalist announcement), and has also been named a Travel Tech Titan by the team at F-Prime Capital and Eight Roads Ventures

    The Bessie Awards, which highlight women and gender-nonconforming people who are changing the way we travel, were created by the travel brand Wanderful. As Travel Startup of the Year, Fora is spotlighted as “an engaging, innovative and impactful startup that we as a community of influencers believe is changing the way we travel.” 

    Being recognized by Wanderful, an organization that shares our own values — including empowering women to be their own bosses — is a true honor. 

    In addition, we’re excited to be named a Travel Tech Titan. This award — created by the team behind the tech & healthcare investment companies F-Prime and Eight Roads — celebrates startups that are the “driving force behind the transformation of travel.” Fora was selected from a pool of nearly 200 nominees from 21 countries. We’re honored to have been selected (and by a panel of 18 impressive travel entrepreneurs and investors, no less).

    Technology allows us to keep leveling up, and being recognized for our tech-forward approach is a major moment for us. 

    Onwards and upwards!

    Interested in joining us? Learn more about becoming a Fora Advisor today. In the meantime, check out our recent advocacy-focused training series, Book Better, which gives advisors the tools to plan trips that make a difference — with inclusivity, sustainability and accessibility at the forefront.


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