Fora Selected as Bessie Award Finalist for Travel Startup of the Year

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    Fora co-founders Jake Peters, Henley Vazquez and Evan Frank

    At Fora, we’re all about empowering travel lovers to transform their passion into income — and welcoming new voices to the industry in the process. 

    This month, we are thrilled to announce that Fora has been selected as a finalist for the Travel Startup of the Year Bessie Award. The Bessies, which “honor women and gender-diverse people of impact in travel,” were created by the women’s travel community and lifestyle brand Wanderful.

    “The Wanderful community has been leading the charge in empowering women to become entrepreneurs, be their own bosses, live according to their terms and create a job they love,” said Henley Vazquez, Fora’s co-founder and a career travel agent with 15+ years of experience.

    “These same values are what inspired Fora. [The travel] space, of course, is not exclusive to women, but we are seeing so many women finding opportunities here, and Wanderful has been integral to that evolution,” Henley added.

    Fora's team on a FAM Trip in Las Vegas

    “Travel isn’t one-size-fits-all, and a diverse set of advisors gives us the opportunity to curate special experiences for all types of people,” Henley said. “Whether you’re a solo traveling mom, LGBTQ+ identifying, a traveler with disabilities… having a travel advisor who gets you and has shared experiences, that relationship arms you with confidence to see the world.”

    Check out Wanderful and don't forget to vote for us!


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